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Leading for Greatness
Leading for Greatness by Alemu Beeftu

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Author: Alemu Beeftu
Subtitle: Leaving a Legacy for the Next Generation
Format: Paperback
Length: 213 Pages
Published: 2013

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In this book, Leading for Greatness – Leaving a Legacy for the Next Generation, Dr. Beeftu explains the difference between Christian management and the biblical foundations for godly leadership.  Drawing from Scripture, he reviews the lives, successes, and failures of some of the Bible’s greatest leaders: Joseph, Moses, David, and many others.  From recognizing the call to biblical leadership – to responding to that call – Dr. Beeftu takes you through the biblical process of leadership refinement, which prepares a true, biblical leader for transformational ministry in today’s culture.

This book has been designed for anyone who has a heart to lead and transform today’s culture and Dr. Beeftu has made every tool and opportunity to do so readily available.  The path of the biblical leader is a challenging one; and yet, it is an exciting journey to see what you, too, will be able to accomplish as you accept the call to biblical leadership and begin to put the plans and purposes of God into action.  Let’s leave a lasting legacy – God’s legacy – for Kingdom building through the ages!

Table of Contents:

Stage 1: The Calling
Chapter 1: Receiving Your Call
Chapter 2: The Dimensions of God’s Call
Stage 2: Accepting the Call
Chapter 3: Receiving the Pass
Chapter 4: Accepting the Challenge
Stage 3: The Early Leadership Stage
Chapter 5: Needing to Lead – and Succeed
Chapter 6: Meeting Early Leadership Challenges
Stage 4: The Reality Stage
Chapter 7: Taking a Long, Hard Look at Yourself
Chapter 8: Letting God Mold, Build, and Strengthen Your Character
Stage 5: The Maturity Stage
Chapter 9: Getting Your Hands Dirty
Chapter 10: Setting the Example-Being Under Authority
Stage 6: The Value Stage
Chapter 11: Shaping History
Chapter 12: Passing on Values
Stage 7: The Relational Stage
Chapter 13: Come and Fellowship
Chapter 14: Finishing from Glory to Glory


Leadership that lacks a deep and personal relationship with the living God is without the most powerful ingredient in the business.  Leading for Greatness is a book that is born from a genuine conviction that leaders can make a difference, once they are enlightened by the truth of God. It leads leaders into the position of a servant’s attitude and challenges to evaluate the purpose of it all.
This is a handbook for every servant of the King and His Kingdom.  I know Dr. Beeftu and his family in the privacy of their home, as in public life.  This book simply reflects his deep commitment to the Word of God and body of Christ in whatever he does.  Dr. Beeftu makes leadership, according to the book, most enjoyable to read and achievable in practicing it.
Dr. Tolesa Gudina, Founder & President, Truth in Love Ministry

If there is one topic that has enough material written about it, it is leadership.  What is special about this book is that it comes as a mirror to the reader and constantly challenges him to evaluate, not the concept of leadership, but his own life and calling from different penetrating angles.  It makes you restless and anxious as you see your short falls – but also rested and believing when you realize that “He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion.”  
The concepts presented are simple but profound, down to earth and practical.  To the sincere reader, the temptation to get a new idea to pass on to someone becomes irrelevant.  I am face to face with God, and what I am doing with my call in life, whether I am young and ready for battle, or whether I am older and ready to pass on the baton.
Dr. Betta Mengistu, Executive Director, Africa Area International Bible Society

I am deeply amazed at Alemu’s ability to take deep, biblical truth and make it so easily understood.  Leading for Greatness is fresh, relevant, and practical.  When applied, the principles he shares will help create true men and women of God, regardless of their field or calling.
Dutch Sheets, Executive Director, Christ for the Nations Institute

About the Author:

Dr. Alemu Beeftu is the Founder and President of Gospel of Glory.  He has a BA from Biola University, a Master’s and a Doctoral degree in Curriculum Design and Community Development from Michigan State University.  More than 25 years of practice in these and related fields have made him an accomplished and sought-after leadership trainer in over 40 countries.  He has authored several books continues to provide leadership worldwide for the Ethiopian Church in exile.