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Fivefold Ministry Made Practical
Fivefold Ministry Made Practical by Ron Myer

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Author: Ron Myer
Format: Paperback
Length: 207 Pages

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How do fivefold ministers function and relate to the church today? Fivefold Ministries Made Practical explains how the fivefold ministry was created to work within the local church, the training ground for ministry. These ministers - apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers - are called to equip and train God’s people to release His power for works of service. In Fivefold Ministry Made Practical, you will learn about each of these unique gifts and how proven fivefold ministers can be mentored and released in the body of Christ.

This book covers the “who, what, why and how” of fivefold ministry:

  • Who are these ministers and how are they identified?
  • Why do we need fivefold ministries?
  • How do fivefold ministries relate to one another?
  • Who finances these ministers?
  • How are fivefold ministries utilized in church planting?
  • What are the practical tips for building relationships between church leaders and fivefold ministers?
  • How can you grow a healthy fivefold ministry in your church?

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: Jesus Gives Gifts to the Church

Chapter 2: A Gift for Everyone

Chapter 3: The Purpose of Fivefold Ministers

Chapter 4: What Do Fivefold Ministers Do?

Chapter 5: The Goals of the Fivefold Minister

Chapter 6: Apostles Govern

Chapter 7: Prophets Guide

Chapter 8: Evangelists Gather

Chapter 9: Pastors Guard

Chapter 10: Teachers Ground

Chapter 11: Fivefold Ministers Work with Local Church Leaders

Chapter 12: Qualifications of the Fivefold Minister

Chapter 13: Ministry Motivation

Chapter 14: Financing the Fivefold

Chapter 15: Church Planting and the Fivefold

Chapter 16: Practical Tips for Building Lasting Relationships between Church Leaders and Fivefold Ministers

Fivefold Ministries: Are these anointings evident in me?


About the Author:

Ron Myer is a fivefold apostolic minister and strong exhorter with a heart’s cry to see the church become the powerhouse that God designed it to be. Ron has more than three decades of experience in small group-based church planting, has served as a pastor for twelve years, and is a member of the DOVE International Apostolic Council. He dedicates his energies to serve church plants and leaders throughout the world.