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Snakes In The Temple
Snakes In The Temple by David Orton

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Author: David Orton
Subtitle: Unmasking Idolatry in Today's Church
Format: Paperback
Length: 267 Pages
Published: 2004/2015

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Snakes in the Temple casts a biblical vision of the Church’s kingdom-revival future and addresses the hindrances to its fulfillment. It asks some penetrating questions. Why, for example, despite our best efforts at church growth is not the Western Church seeing the same breakthroughs as the developing world?

David Orton traces the roots of the problem to a hidden idolatry in the Church. Following it from its second century origins to its inroads in the contemporary Church, he argues that until this is resolved, we will not see the breakthroughs we long for in the West. He contends that the Western Church, creating a god in its own image, worships at the altars of success, productivity, and power. It is time to unmask this hidden idolatry and issue a fresh call to return to the “Great Commandment” – to the purity of devotion to Christ. It is time to engage in a heart-process with God to resolve it.

Table of Contents
Foreword by Marc Dupont
Section 1: Revival Futures – The Dream: Envisioning World-wide Spiritual Awakening
Chapter 1: Receiving the Prize – World-wide Spiritual Awakening
Chapter 2: Confusing the Goal with the Prize
Chapter 3: Finding a New Starting Point
Section 2: Present Realities – The Diagnosis: Idolatry in the Church
Chapter 4: New Paradigms, Old Problems – Pouring Old Wine into New Wineskins!
Chapter 5: Snakes in the Temple – Confronting the Enemy Within
Chapter 6: Idols of Power
Chapter 7: The Beast – Idolatry, Division and Unity
Chapter 8: The Spirit of Jezebel – Idolatry, Deception and Control
Chapter 9: Idolatry and Human Leadership
Section 3: Back to the Future – The Breakthrough: Restoring the Glory of God
Chapter 10: Uprooting and Pulling Down
Chapter 11: Building and Planting
Chapter 12: Redeeming the Planet
Chapter 13: The Prescription – Brokenness on Earth, Openness in Heaven

About the Author
David Orton has served as a pastor, teacher, and ministry leader for over 30 years. He has recently been a catalytic leader for citywide pastor’s prayer summits across Australia, bringing together hundreds of pastors from more than 20 denominations. He is a prophetic teacher and as the founder of Lifemessenger carries a word for breakthrough, particularly in the Western church, communicating through conferences, schools, publishing and electronic media. David is committed to seeing an emerging church across all nations and denominations restored to the apostolic foundation of intimacy with the Father. David is married to Jenny and they are the parents of two young adult children, Daniel and Virginia, and reside on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne, Australia.