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Imagination Master
Imagination Master by Dale Fife

Price: $18.99
Author: Dale Fife
Subtitle: Unleashing Your Creativity
Format: Paperback
Length: 345 Pages
Published: 2016

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Isn’t it about time someone addressed the questions you have about your imagination? “Is my imagination reliable?” “How can I activate and control my imagination?” “How do I unleash my creativity?” And most importantly, “What role does my imagination play in my spiritual life?”

If you want answers to these questions and more, then The Imagination Master is for you! Put aside your preconceived ideas, concepts, and religious assumptions. It’s time for you to discover the amazing power and significance of your imagination, one of the most valuable gifts the Creator has given you.

The Imagination Master will open the spiritual eyes of your understanding and usher you into the greater dimension of revelation and intimacy with God you have been longing for.

Table of Contents:
Introduction: Welcome to Imagine-World
Chapter 1: The Amusement Park of the Mind
Chapter 2: Created to Imagine
Chapter 3: Heart Thoughts
Chapter 4: Vain Imaginations
Chapter 5: Seeing the Future
Chapter 6: Faith Pictures
Chapter 7: Practicing God’s Presence
Chapter 8: Designed to Create
Chapter 9: Imagination and Business
Chapter 10: Imagination and Teaching
Chapter 11: The Eyes of Our Understanding
Chapter 12: A Culture of Imagination
Chapter 13: Spirit to Spirit
Chapter 14: Activating Your Imagination

About the Author:
Dale Fife has an insatiable passion for intimacy with God. He is a best-selling author and teacher with astonishing biblical insights and prophetic revelation. A mentor, advisor and spiritual father to many, Dr. Fife is the founder and president of Mountain Top Global Ministries. Dale and his delightful wife Eunice live in Florida near their two sons and six grandchildren.