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Love the Law of the Angels
Love the Law of the Angels by Gwen Shaw

Price: $18.99
Author: Gwen Shaw
Format: Paperback
Length: 263 Pages
Published: 1979

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Love brings healing, restoration and comfort. Never has there been a greater need for love than now in these very difficult days. So many hearts are broken. So many lives are shattered. Everywhere we turn there is pain and heartache. It seems as though a river of tears has flowed from the hearts of the hurting people of the world.

Love will heal these wounds and ease the terrible pain that is in so many hearts. Most of us seek to receive love. This book will help us to give love, and in the giving we will receive, and will ourselves be healed.

Love is the greatest git that God has given us. It comes from His very own heart. It is limitless and timeless. As His love flows through us, we become like Him. “For God is love” 1 John 4:8

During a time of great need in her life, the author experienced the overwhelming divine love of God. It was then that the Holy Spirit revealed to her the wonderful truths which she so freely shares in this book.

Table of Contents:
What is Love?
Love is the Fulfilling of the Law
Love Makes Provision
Love is Powerful
Love Never Fails
Love is Holy
Love is the Key to the Mysteries of God
Love is Sacrificial
Love is Kind
Love Serves
The Love-Slave
Love is Unity
Love in Marriage
Love is Eternal
Love is in the Spirit
Love is a Breastplate and Protection
Love is in the Blood
Love Gives
Love Separates
Love is in the Light
Love Weeps
Love Washes Feet
Love is in the Glory
Love Obeys
Love Saves
Love Qualifies
Love Makes Great Soldiers and Kings
Love Disciplines
Love Communicates
Love Forgives
Love, the Key to Knowing God
Love Heals
The More Excellent Way