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How to Worship A King
How to Worship A King by Zach Neese

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Author: Zach Neese
Subtitle: Prepare Your Heart. Prepare Your World. Prepare the Way.
Format: Paperback
Length: 289 Pages
Published: 2015

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Transform every area of your life through worship.

From the writer of the beloved worship songs “God and King” and “The More I Seek You” comes a book that reveals the purpose of worship. In How to Worship a King Zach Neese unveils the power and beauty of true worship, which surpasses any known song or melody. He carefully builds understanding and compelling evidence of every believer’s intended purpose as a worshiper: to directly access the throne room of heaven to minister to the heart of God, then to carry His love and power into a dark, hurting world.

This book unfolds a holistic view of worship so that you can experience peace, joy, and the richness of living in God’s presence. Be drawn to the heart of God as you explore answers to important questions such as:
  • What are praise and worship, and what is my part in them?
  • If I’m not a musician or singer, how can I lead other people into the presence of God?
  • How does my personal worship affect the kingdom of God on earth?

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Jack W. Hayford
Chapter 1: Your Part to Play
Chapter 2: So What Do I Do Now?
Chapter 3: Why a Tabernacle?
Chapter 4: What is Worship?
Chapter 5: To Kiss a King
Chapter 6: What is Praise?
Chapter 7: Biblical Expressions of Praise
Chapter 8: Entering In
Chapter 9: The Altar
Chapter 10: The Laver
Chapter 11: The Table of Showbread
Chapter 12: The Golden Lampstand
Chapter 13: Lampstand or Candlestick?
Chapter 14: The Altar of Incense
Chapter 15: The Ark of the Covenant
Chapter 16: Prepare the Way

I believe How to Worship a King has the potential to completely revolutionize your life – not just in the area of worship but in every area of your life. I know from personal experience that Zach really does live what is written in this book. Not only is he an incredibly anointed worship pastor and songwriter, but also his passion for God and for worshipping Him is clearly evident in his life. With engaging and biblically sound insight, Zach shows us that worship is deeply relevant, practical, and life-altering – because when we learn how to truly worship our King, the world will be transformed!
Robert Morris, Senior Pastor of Gateway Church

Embedded into every trivial culture are vast gifts from God. Primary among these gifts are prophets who call us back to God when we think we’re doing just fine following Him in our preferred manmade ways. Zach Neese is such a prophet. Whether or not we receive a prophet’s message depends on whether we want God to be a firm foundation or simply a shiny veneer. Isaiah was told, “See no more visions! . . . Give us no more visions of what is right! Tell us pleasant things” (Isa. 30:10). To Zach Neese, the most pleasant things he can say are things that are true about God. Trivial cultures have a hard time discerning between great music and God’s presence. Both can move us; only One can change us. Rest assured that when God loves us enough to offer us words, He will not rest until those words have finished their work in us. God is working on you right now; this book is part of His strategy and will be both a chisel and polish. We need both to look like Jesus.
Marcus Brecheen, Executive Pastor of Gateway Church

About the Author:
Zach Neese is the worship pastor at Gateway Church’s fast-growing North Fort Worth Campus. Along with pastoring his local church, he is an adjunct professor at The King’s University at Gateway, and he travels internationally, teaching worship and training worship leaders from over fifty nations. Zach has published articles in Charisma, Worship Leader, and The Voice (Christ for the Nations) magazines, and has made several appearances on Daystar Television Network. He is also a seasoned songwriter. Zach and his wife, Jen, have six children: Simeon, Judah, Charis, Maggie, Nora, and Sam.