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Free Indeed!
Free Indeed! by Douglas Carr

Price: $14.99
Author: Doug Carr
Subtitle: A Primer on Deliverance Ministry
Format: Paperback
Length: 261 Pages
Published: 2006

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Dr. Douglas E. Carr, Senior Pastor of the Gateway River of Life Church in Sturgis, MI, has ministered deliverance to people worldwide who are ready to experience the freedom that can only be found through Christ. In this book, Free Indeed! A Primer on Deliverance Ministry, Dr. Carr shares his experiences and tremendous spiritual insight to explore deliverance and spiritual healing in an anointed, yet unprecedented fashion.

Table of Contents


Foreword by Doris M. Wagner


Chapter 1: Power and Authority for Deliverance Ministry

Chapter 2: Jesus, A Model to Follow

Chapter 3: Understanding the Need of Deliverance Ministry

Chapter 4: The Heat of the Battle

Chapter 5: The Three Major Battlegrounds

Chapter 6: Case Study from Mark 4:35 5:22

Chapter 7: Standing Strong in Battle

Chapter 8: The Opponents of our Battle

Chapter 9: Examples of the Battle

Chapter 10: Strongholds

Chapter 11: The Story of King Saul

Chapter 12: Dealing with Strongholds

Chapter 13: Major Types of Strongholds

Chapter 14: Personal Spiritual Inventory

Chapter 15: Gaining Victory over Strongholds

Chapter 16: Find out who is in Charge Theology of the Human Makeup

Chapter 17: The Work of Reprobation

Chapter 18: Gods Cure for Reprobation

Chapter 19: Restoration

Chapter 20: Every Christians Battle

Chapter 21: Securing Adequate Protection

Chapter 22: Three Types of People

Chapter 23: Learning to Walk in Right Alignment

Chapter 24: The Benefits of Right Spiritual Alignment

Chapter 25: Preparing to be Free Indeed

Chapter 26: Gaining Freedom is an Activity of Christs Body

Chapter 27: Reversing the Curse by Replacing Ahab & Jezebel with Christ-Likeness

Chapter 28: Dealing with Rejection Issues

Chapter 29: Forgiving All Who Have Rejected You

Chapter 30: Ministering to Mental and Emotional Issues

Chapter 31: Ministering to Cult and Occult Issues

Chapter 32: Breaking Curses

Chapter 33: Dealing with Addiction

Chapter 34: Lust and Sexual Bondage Issues

Chapter 35: Forgiving Those Who Have Hurt You Sexually

Chapter 36: Baptism in Love

Appendix: The Free Indeed Deep Healing Questionnaire Worksheet



Free Indeed! is a straightforward, basic, and complete guide to being set free from demonic strongholds and harassment. Dr. Douglas Carrs book can be used not only as a guide to set others free but it can be studied by those bound by deep wounds and hurts as well as demonic bondage guiding them through to a place of freedom in Christ.

Barbara Yoder, Founder and Apostolic Leader, Shekinah Christian Church and Breakthrough Apostolic Ministries Network

Dr. Carr has captured the essence of deliverance ministry and offers the dynamics in a comprehensive yet comprehensible format. Our church had the unique opportunity to be one of the first to experience the Free Indeed Seminar and it revolutionized our ministry. I have personally seen people delivered from years of torment and demonic influence through the ministry of Dr. Carr. This is a must read for everyone who is serious about release from the strongholds of the enemy and who wants to walk in victory and authority.

Rita J. Johnson, Senior Pastor, Power Centre Church International and Founder, Antioch Restoration Ministries International