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How to Cast Out Demons
How to Cast Out Demons by Doris Wagner

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Author: Doris Wagner
Subtitle: A Guide to the Basics
Format: Paperback
Length: 237 Pages
Published: 2000

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Spiritual Deliverance

Jesus' command that we cast out demons should be taken seriously - and literally. (In my name they will drive out demons - Mark 16:17). But how do you do it? Where do you start? Here are practical, down-to-earth answers from one of the leading authorities on deliverance.

Doris Wagner emphasizes Biblical - not psychological - counseling in this easy-to-use guide that teaches Christians how to exercise authority over demonic spirits. She spells out how to bring inner healing and undo soul ties; break the bonds of rejection, addiction and lust; and free those whom the enemy has held captive - all done in a calm, safe and controlled ministry environment.

Table of Contents:

Introduction: How I Got Involved

Section I: The Basics for Spiritual Deliverance

Chapter 1: Demythologizing Demonology

Chapter 2: Who Are These Demons?

Chapter 3: Deliverance Evangelism

Section II: Demonic Entry Points

Chapter 4: Hereditary Spirits - Roots of Destructive Behaviors in Families

Chapter 5: Rejection - Abandonment, Inferiority, Guilt and Shame

Chapter 6: Victimization - Molestation, Rape and Sexual Exploitation

Chapter 7: Occult Practices - Witchcraft, Freemasonry and Deliberate Sin

Chapter 8: A Deliverance Session - Preparation and Operation

Section III: The Questionnaire as an Effective Tool

Chapter 9: Collecting Needed Information - Questionnaire, Form Letter and Legal Waiver

Chapter 10: Rejection Issues

Chapter 11: Mental and Emotional Problems

Chapter 12: Witchcraft and the Occult

Chapter 13: Lust and Sexual Bondages

Chapter 14: Addictions, Background Issues and Miscellaneous

Epilogue: Does This Stuff Really Work?


Appendix 1: Form Letter

Appendix 2: Legal Waiver

Appendix 3: The Questionnaire

Appendix 4: Post-Prayer Instructions

Appendix 5: Prayer of Release for Freemasons and Their Descendants



"Reputable and knowledgeable, Doris Wagner gives clear, sensible and biblical answers to common questions about demons and deliverance. As one involved in deliverance ministry for more than 30 years, I bear witness to the truths presented in this book."

Frank Hammond - Author, Pigs in the Parlor

"A Kindly grandma cast out demons? Absolutely! Here, Doris Wagner, shows us how any believer can fulfill the biblical mandate to break demonic power over the lives of hurting people."

Cindy Jacobs - C0-Founder, Generals International

About the Author:

Doris Wagner serves as CEO of Global Harvest Ministries in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Over the past 20 years, she has personally walked hundreds of individuals through deliverance and has taught on the subject throughout the United States and abroad. She is also the author of How to Cast Out Demons. Doris and her husband, Peter, are both ordained ministers.