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Breaking Free of Strongholds
Breaking Free of Strongholds by Rick Sizemore

Price: $16.99
Author: Rick Sizemore
Format: Paperback
Length: 336 Pages
Published: 2019

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We are living in a world filled with lies, addictions, and greed. These entrenchments of the enemy of our soul, the devil, try to fortify themselves into a stronghold that will not be brought down. A stronghold is an effect that blocks us off from God’s presence, provisions, and truth. The devil is out to kill, steal, and destroy. He uses strongholds to hinder us or destroy us.

This book will shed some light on strongholds and the provisions our Heavenly Father offers to free us from these bondages and to minister freedom to your heart, as well as empower and equip you to help others walk into the freedom offered by Christ Jesus.

Table of Contents:
Part 1: The Nature of an Overcomer
Chapter 1: Divine Contradictions: Life in Jesus Christ is Meant to be More
Chapter 2: Understanding Spiritual Warfare: Why Do We Need to Know about Strongholds
Chapter 3: How Strongholds Begin: A Closer Look at Corporate and Individual Strongholds

Part 2: Common Individual Strongholds
Chapter 4: Strongholds of False Conclusions
Chapter 5: Strongholds of High Places
Chapter 6: Strongholds of Weight
Chapter 7: Strongholds of Soul Ties
Chapter 8: Strongholds of Curses
Chapter 9: Generational Curses
Chapter 10: Verbal Curses
Chapter 11: Practices of the Occult (Curses Established by Others)
Chapter 12: Curses on Time
Chapter 13: Strongholds of Sin: How Sin Affects Us and How God Redeems Us

Part 3: Finding Freedom from Sin
Chapter 14: Freedom from Sin: Part 1: The Categories of Sin
Chapter 15: Freedom from Sin: Part 2: The Pan and Bondage of Unforgiveness
Chapter 16: Freedom from Sin: Part 3: Unrighteous Response to Sins Against Us
Chapter 17: Freedom from Sin: Part 4: Walking in Freedom from Personal Sin
Chapter 18: Freedom from Sin: Part 5: Walking in Freedom from Sexual Sin

Part 4: Pulling Down Strongholds
Chapter 19: How to Remove Strongholds
Chapter 20: Participating with God to Destroy Strongholds
Chapter 21: Participating with God: Releasing Resources into Our Lives
Appendix 1: Charts
Appendix 2: Freedom: The Four Steps