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Forgive, Release and Be Free
Forgive, Release and Be Free by Joff Day

Price: $13.99
Author: Joff Day
Format: Paperback
Length: 127 Pages
Published: 2004

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Many Christians live with unforgiveness in their heart, sometimes unknowingly. Perhaps they realize that something is wrong, but don’t know exactly how to deal with it.

Other Christians wonder why they never seem to get the breakthrough in God they are looking for; they feel that they have tried everything, and nothing works. They may feel that they have forgiven others for any wrongdoing or offence caused to them but have often not gone on to ‘release’ that person’s debt to them.

This book helps readers to recognize unforgiveness and gives practical steps to help you forgive, release and be free!

Table of Contents:
What Others Have Said About This Book
Chapter 1: A Wounded Heart
Chapter 2: Roots Fruit, Seeds and Soil
Chapter 3: Debts and Debtors
Chapter 4: the Unforgiving Servant
Chapter 5: The Soil of Insecurity
Chapter 6: The Seed of Offence
Chapter 7: The Manure of Judgment
Chapter 8: The Root of Bitterness
Chapter 9: The Fruit of Resentment
Chapter 10: the Torture Chamber
Chapter 11: Opening the Books
Chapter 12: Settling Accounts
Chapter 13: Staying Free
Chapter 14: Forgiveness Brings Healing
Chapter 15: Questions I Am Asked Frequently
Chapter 16: Forgiveness Works!
Appendix A: How to Become a Christian
Appendix B: Visual Aids to Sharing Forgiveness

About the Author:
The main focus of Joff Day’s ministry is setting captives free. He travels internationally and has equipped many to bring freedom and healing to those trapped by unforgiveness. He is happily married to Elaine and has four grown up children.