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Rescue From Rejection
Rescue From Rejection by Denise Cross

Price: $14.99
Author: Denise Cross
Subtitle: Ellel Ministries Truth and Freedom Series
Format: Paperback
Length: 155 Pages
Published: 2010

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Denise Cross has extensive experience teaching and ministering on the subject of rejection and gets to the roots of why we feel rejected and how we can overcome the power it often has, sometimes unwittingly, over our lives.

With Biblical foundations evident throughout the teaching, Denise helps the reader to understand how our self-identity can be distorted through experiences of rejection. Rejection can be a consequence of unhealed emotional wounds received from as early as conception. This book helps bring these wounds to light and can minister deeply into the lives of those that need help. Use this book to walk a path of self acceptance and breathe new life into your relationship with others and with God!

Table of Contents

Authors Preface


Chapter 1: Accepted or Rejected How Do You Feel?

Chapter 2: The Beginning of the Problem Who Rejected Whom?

Chapter 3: Life Foundations How Good Was Your Start?

Chapter 4: Family Reality Is God Really Like This?

Chapter 5: The Reality of Life Will Everyone Reject Me?

Chapter 6: Deceptive Lessons from the School of Life Are You Good Enough to be Accepted?

Chapter 7: My Response to Rejection What Else Could I Do?

Chapter 8: Accepting Yourself Who Makes the Grade?

Chapter 9: It Isnt Fair Who Cares About Me?

Chapter 10: The Search for Identity Who Am I?

Chapter 11: The Walk Forward Will You Choose New Truths or Old?

Chapter 12: Sowing and Reaping Acceptance Anyone for a Lifestyle Change?

Appendix: Testimonies of Rescue

About Ellel Ministries

About the Author

Denise Cross has been married to David for forty years and they have three grown children and seven grandchildren. Denise is the Director of Ellel Glyndley Manor which is the second oldest Ellel Center in the UK. She originally trained as a mathematics teacher but her life and the future of her whole family was radically changed by a Damascus Road experience of the Lord Jesus in 1981. Denise now delights to share her testimony and has discovered that Gods amazing love and His dynamic truth transforms lives in wonderful ways. Her passion is to stir the hearts of believers to appropriate all the benefits of the abundant life that their Heavenly Father freely offers to each of His children.