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Fathering Leaders Motivating Mission
Fathering Leaders Motivating Mission by David Devenish

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Author: David Devenish
Subtitle: Restoring the Role of the Apostle in Today's Church
Format: Paperback
Length: 338 Pages
Published: 2011

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A new wave of apostolic ministry has emerged in the church in modern times, but views differ on what this term means. For new and experienced Christians alike, understanding this aspect of relational church life can be a key to their effective functioning in the church.

David Devenish, a longstanding leader within the Newfrontiers movement, has many years’ experience of working in this way with churches in the UK and in other cultures around the world. Now he distils what he has seen, done and learned into a thoughtful reflection on the biblical patterns of apostolic ministry and contemporary practice.

For anyone seeking to understand and appreciate the place of apostolic ministry in today’s church worldwide, this is an invaluable guide.

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Terry Virgo
Chapter 1: Why is This Book Needed?
Chapter 2: Apostles Today?
Chapter 3: The Apostle’s Job Description
Chapter 4: The Need for Fathers in Ministry and Mission
Chapter 5: Foundations – Essential But Often Neglected
Chapter 6: Apostolic and Prophetic Foundations Part 1: The Big Themes of Scripture
Chapter 7: Apostolic and Prophetic Foundations Part 2: Christ and Who We Are in Christ
Chapter 8: Apostolic and Prophetic Foundations Part 3: Other Essential New Testament Principles for Founding Local Churches
Chapter 9: Apostolic Ministry and World Mission
Chapter 10: How Apostles Relate to Local Churches
Chapter 11: The Field God Has Given Us – Apostolic Spheres
Chapter 12: Apostolic Teams – What Are They and How Do They Function?
Chapter 13: Contextualized Wisdom
Chapter 14: The Struggle for Maturity
Chapter 15: Finance for Apostolic Mission/’Remember the Poor’
Chapter 16: Apostles and Prophets Need Each Other
Chapter 17: Signs, Wonders and Suffering – Hallmarks of an Apostle
Common Questions


Of the 5-fold ministries listed in Ephesians 4 that Christ donates to His church today, apostles are the most least understood and most controversial. This scintillating book is far and away the most practical, persuasive, and thorough work on NT apostleship I’ve ever read. David Devenish has rediscovered this all but forgotten ministry, once encrusted with obsolescence, debris, confusion and contempt, then re-cut and polished it so that every facet can be seen in its pristine beauty. The result is a rich array of biblical insight, extraordinary wisdom, accessible scholarship, and first-hand testimony from a veteran and bold missionary church-planter in many of the world’s toughest locations. He demolishes the myths, abuses and exaggerated claims often associated with this role, then presents irrefutable reasons why it must be restored and deployed again. Those who long for effective leaders, Gospel mission, and healthy churches everywhere, should grab this brilliant book.
Greg Haslam, Senior Pastor, Westminster Chapel, London

I couldn’t put down Fathering Leaders, Motivating Mission. It is an incredible and solid book – it isn’t lightweight theologically, biblically, or practically. There is nothing I have read that comes close to it in explanation and application. So much of what is written on this today is anecdotal, fluff or not biblically based. David’s book will become a standard read for those exploring or curious about apostolic ministry. This book is a real gift to the church today.
Bob Roberts, Jr, Senior Pastor, Northwood Church, Dallas

About the Author:

David Devenish is based at Woodside Church, Bedford, UK. He has written Demolishing Strongholds, Setting People Free, What on Earth is the Church For? and has developed several training courses.