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Apostolic Centers
Apostolic Centers by Alain Caron

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Author: Alain Caron
Subtitle: Shifting the Church, Transforming the World
Format: Paperback
Length: 191 Pages
Published: 2013

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"Apostolic Centers is the first of a kind. It not only describes the transition, but it analyses each step of the process. The book is some of the best writing I have seen on the apostolic movement." - C. Peter Wagner

A Shift Is Underway...

A seismic wave of revolution is about to shake our world, thanks to the emergence of apostolic centers. With the sage wisdom gained from developing his own church’s apostolic model, Alain Caron shares on how to transform today's churches into dynamic training and sending centers. Learn:

  • how Scripture supports an apostolic strategy,
  • how to establish a Spirit-led apostolic gathering,
  • how to build an apostolic team, and
  • how to collectively impact the world through the power grid of apostolic networks.
If you desire greater kingdom impact in your region, and if you want to unleash God’s purposes for His church, Apostolic Centers is the guide to transforming your local church into a vibrant body—one in which every believer is an active catalyst for the kingdom.

Table of Contents:

Foreword by C. Peter Wagner
Part I: Transforming Local Churches into Apostolic Centers
Chapter 1: My Journey into the Apostolic
Chapter 2: The Apostolic Mandate
Chapter 3: Discovering Apostolic Centers
Chapter 4: How to Switch Wineskins without Spilling
Chapter 5: The Law of Apostolic Attraction
Chapter 6: Activating the Saints to Exponential Life
Chapter 7: Party at the Gate—Ladder Included
Part 2: Linking Apostolic Centers into Apostolic Networks
Chapter 8: A Power Grid for Territorial Governance
Part 3: Establishing Alignment for Territorial Transformation
Chapter 9: Transforming the Present Day


Alain Caron has written a wonderful book called Apostolic Centers: Shifting the Church, Transforming the World. Not only does he communicate his own journey into apostolic rule, but also he discusses the apostolic mandate that was given to Jesus, our apostle. This apostolic mandate is supported by teams and networks and has a great sending power to cover the earth with the glory that is being sent from the apostolic center. One incredible chapter in this book is “How to Switch Wineskins without Spilling!”—in which Alain assesses how to shift wineskins from church to apostolic center without becoming torn in the process and spilling the new revelation for the future.

I have been privileged to visit Le Chemin in Gatineau, Quebec, across the river from Ottawa, Canada. What is written in this book is a reality. Apostolic Centers is a must-read for those in the process of making the shift from church to apostolic center in their ministry. I recommend this book for any leader who desires to hear what the Spirit of God is saying to the church at this time.

Chuck D. Pierce, President, Global Spheres Inc. Glory of Zion Intl.

The church is in a major shift, and a kingdom mindset with progressive vision is greatly needed. Alain Caron fills in the gaps for us in this season of changing garments with practical insights from his life’s experience. Caron does an insightful job of developing new wineskin strategies for the day we live in.

Dr. James Goll, Encounters Network

Alain Caron has written a book that builds bridges. As an apostolic leader of a local assembly of believers, he is uniquely positioned to write this practical blueprint that both inspires and instructs others on the process of transitioning local churches into apostolic centers.

Mark Pfeifer, Soma Family of Ministries

About the Author:

Alain Caron serves as the apostolic team leader of Église Le Chemin, a dynamic expression of Christ’s body located in Québec. He is also the founder and director of Hodos, an apostolic and prophetic network that connects and aligns like-minded ministries and believers toward the advancement of the kingdom of God. Alain and his wife, Marie, reside in Gatineau, Québec, Canada.