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Ordinary People Extraordinary Power
Ordinary People Extraordinary Power by Apostle John Eckhardt

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Author: John Eckhardt
Subtitle: Be Activated to Demonstrate God's Kingdom
Format: Paperback
Length: 210 Pages
Published: 2010

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How did the early church grow so quickly? How can we replicate that success today?

The early church gives us the perfect example of how a small group of committed Christians can affect their communities and change the world. The apostles brought a change to the way the people of God lived. Wherever they went, what they believed transformed the culture.

In Ordinary People, Extraordinary Power, John Eckhardt helps you understand the purpose and function of todays spiritual apostles. Using examples from Jesus and the early church, Eckhardt shows you Gods strategy for the apostolic and the biblical foundation for its use and pattern. You will discover:

  • The characteristics of the apostle
  • The proper role and function of the apostolic
  • The ways God uses this gift in the world today

Apostles are pioneers. They preach and teach the culture of the kingdom of God a kingdom of love, humility, power, authority, and service. Through training, teaching, discipleship, and relationship, God begins to empower individuals by the Holy Spirit in preparation for greater service.

Our world needs people willing to break free from religion and tradition and be activated to heal, deliver, prophesy, preach, and demonstrate Gods kingdom. It is time to put the apostolic back in the church.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Developing an Apostolic Culture

Chapter 1: Apostolic Government

Chapter 2: First, Apostles- Last, Apostles

Chapter 3: The Strategy of Jesus and Emerging Apostles

Chapter 4: The Departure Restoration of Apostolic Ministry

Chapter 5: The Apostolic Spirit Driving Force of the Church

Chapter 6: The Proton Believer

Chapter 7: Transitioning a Church Into the Apostolic

Chapter 8: Challenging Tradition

Chapter 9: Building Antioch Churches - Teachers

Chapter 10: Establishing the Prophetic Ministry - Prophets

Chapter 11: A New Order for a New Move

Chapter 12: Prayer and Deliverance

Chapter 13: Developing Teams

Chapter 14: Releasing Apostolic Teams

Chapter 15: Helps and Governments

Chapter 16: Releasing Evangelist and Worship

Chapter 17: Apostolic Character

Chapter 18: Traits of True Apostles

Chapter 19: Integrity The Badge of a True Apostle

Chapter 20: False Apostles

Chapter 21: Pitfalls of Apostles


About the Author

Apostle John Eckhardt is overseer of Crusaders Ministries, located in Chicago, Illinois. Gifted with a strong apostolic call, he has ministered throughout the United States and overseas in more than eighty nations. He is a sought-after international conference speaker; produces a weekly television program, Perfecting the Saints; and has authored more than twenty books, including Prayers That Rout Demons, Prayers That Break Curses, and God Still Speaks. Eckhardt resides in the Chicago area with his wife, Wanda, and their five children.