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Eternal Church
Eternal Church by Bill Hamon

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Author: Bill Hamon
Subtitle: A Prophetic Look at the Church & Her History
Format: Paperback
Length: 380 Pages
Published: 1981

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There is a Church . . . not the one that man is building . . . but the one the Jesus Himself has been constructing in the hearts and lives of believers throughout the ages. It is a Church that transcends time and reveals a picture of His work that can be seen no other way.

Dr. Bill Hamon has taken a snapshot of this Church throughout the ages, describing the awesome work of the Lord in the generations, from His resurrection to the present. It is an inspiring, motivating, encouraging, and powerful look at what we truly are a part of . . . the Eternal Church.

Read this book. Find your place in history and in Gods plan for the ages.

Table of Contents

Foreword by C. Peter Wagner

Authors Preface to Revised Edition


Part 1: The Definition of the Church

Chapter 1: Gods Eternal Desire

Chapter 2: Why Jesus Established the Church

Chapter 3: The Church Defined

Chapter 4: Scriptural Presentation of the Church

Part 2: The Origination of the Church

Chapter 5: The Church Eternal

Chapter 6: The Church Age

Chapter 7: The Church in the Book of Acts

Chapter 8: The Early Church

Chapter 9: The Church Separating from Judaism

Chapter 10: The Persecution of the Church

Part 3: The Deterioration of the Church

Chapter 11: The Church in Transition

Chapter 12: Deterioration through Isms and Schisms

Chapter 13: The Effect of Islam on Christendom

Chapter 14: The Mystery of the Dark Ages

Part 4: The Restoration of the Church

Chapter 15: Providential Preparation for Church Restoration

Chapter 16: The Scriptural Examination of Church Restoration

Chapter 17: Heavens Participation in Church Restoration

Chapter 18: Explanation of the Chart on Church Restoration

Chapter 19: The Protestant Movement

Chapter 20: The Holiness Movement

Chapter 21: The Pentecostal Movement

Chapter 22: Introduction to the Three Phases of the Charismatic Movement

Chapter 23: Restoration of the Doctrine of Laying on of Hands

Chapter 24: The Latter Rain Movement

Chapter 25: The Charismatic Movement

Chapter 26: The Prophetic-Apostolic Movement

Part 5: The Destination of the Church

Chapter 27: Reiteration and Review of Church Restoration

Chapter 28: The Fifth Doctrine of Christ

Chapter 29: Explanation of the Chart on the Future Destiny of the Church

Chapter 30: The Ministry of the Last-Generation Church

Chapter 31: The Sixth Doctrine of Christ

Chapter 32: The Eternal Judgment Ministry

Chapter 33: The Army of the Lord

Chapter 34: The Reign of the Queen Church

Chapter 35: Perception of the Higher, Eternal Realm

About the Author

Dr. Bill Hamon founded Christian International Ministries Network, which has trained thousands of fivefold ministers and activated hundreds of thousands of saints in their spiritual gifts. He serves as Bishop over 600 ministers and churches as well as CIs headquarters on five continents. Dr. Hamon also heads the CI Business Network, which equips saints as ministers in the marketplace. He has authored five major books. Bill and Evelyn, his wife of 47 years, have three married children who are all CI-ordained ministers, 11 grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.