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When Generations Run Together
When Generations Run Together Compiled by Elizabeth Tiam-Fook

Price: $15.99
Author: Compiled by Elizabeth Tiam-Fook
Subtitle: Stories of Elijahs and Elishas
Format: Paperback
Length: 143 Pages
Published: 2022

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When Generations Run Together has been authored by 12 different spiritual leaders of both the older and younger generation—Elijahs and Elishas. The seasoned Elijahs share their own growth experiences as well as their perspectives as spiritual fathers and mothers, while the Elishas share their stories and lessons they have gleaned alongside their Elijahs.

"Joining the generations is one of the primary messages on God’s heart in this season. Revival and reformation cannot be sustained or advanced by merely one generational demographic but rather must be synergized by a multi-generational effort...Only then will we see a healthy and powerful church arise with an ability to see God's Kingdom come and transform culture, cities, and nations." (Tom Hamon)

"God specializes in generational success, and now the church must take the torch and ignite the generations coming behind us! This book is a must read for anyone wanting to live a life of impact and legacy." (Mark and Patricia Estes)

"The wisdom found in these pages from authentic spiritual leaders will not only teach you how to be a leader but also a father or mother. The younger generation desperately needs this. You will also learn how to walk in humility and honor in a way that will unleash God’s blessing on your life—a double portion mantle." (Matt Sorger)

"Within the story of Elijah and Elisha we see a beautiful picture of what multigenerational living, honor, and spiritual inheritance should look like. Within the pages of this book, Elizabeth has artfully woven together a tapestry of principles, sound wisdom, and faith-filled stories from proven leaders, all who share from their own unique journey. These stories provide a roadmap that any lover of Jesus can learn from." (Jim and Renee Cutter)

Table of Contents:
Foreword by James Goll
Chapter 1: Attributes of Spiritual Mothers and Fathers – Patricia King
Chapter 2: Prophetic Mentoring – Dr. Bill Hamon
Chapter 3: Embracing God’s Heart for Legacy – Che Ahn
Chapter 4: Elijah/Elisha: Joining the Generations – Jane Hamon
Chapter 5: My Journey with a General – Ryan LeStrange
Chapter 6: My Story – Barbara Yoder
Chapter 7: When Generations Run Together – Joshua Giles
Chapter 8: From Father to Son – Sherman Dumas
Chapter 9: Walking Together – Tony Kim
Chapter 10: Double Portion – Jamie Galloway

About the Compiler:
Elizabeth Tiam-Fook is the founder of International Young Prophets. She believes that God is raising up a company of young prophets to impact the nations of the world with the voice of God. Elizabeth also leads “We Prophesy!” events and a National Prophetic Summit annually to prophesy and pray for our nation. Elizabeth resides in Maricopa, Arizona.