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Prophetic Scriptures Yet To Be Fulfilled
Prophetic Scriptures Yet To Be Fulfilled by Bill Hamon

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Author: Bill Hamon
Subtitle: Third and Final Reformation
Format: Paperback
Length: 284 Pages
Published: 2010

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Arsenal Note: We think that the choice to name this book, Prophetic Scriptures Yet To Be Fulfilled, was not the best one. The book really should have been called The Third and Final Reformation of the Church. This would have catched the books overall idea much, much better.

Prophetic Scriptures Yet to Be Fulfilled reveals the times and purposes of God for His Church and planet Earth.

The Church has now entered a new era of Christianity - the Third Reformation. God fulfilled specific purposes in the First and Second Reformation, likewise a major purpose of His will be fulfilled in this age.

Explained and predicted:

  • First Reformation: 4 B.C. - A.D. 313
  • Second Reformation: 1517 - 2007
  • Third Reformation: 2008 - Revelation 11:15

You will learn about the fascinating transformation to the seven mountains of culture and how every nation will become either a sheep or a goat nation. In the end, the restoration of all things spoken of by the apostles and prophets will release Jesus to return and set up His domain over all the earth.

<>h4>Table of Contents

Books of the Bible: Abbreviations Used in This Book

Foreword by C. Peter Wagner


Chapter 1: God's Times and Purposes

Chapter 2: Revelation and Preparation

Chapter 3: The First Church Reformation 4 B.C. to A.D. 313

Chapter 4: The Dark Age of the Church

Chapter 5: Preparation for the Second Church Reformation

Chapter 6: Revelation and Restoration

Chapter 7: Birth of the Second Reformation

Chapter 8: The Second Reformation: 1517 to 2007

Chapter 9: Revelation and Preparation of the Third Reformation

Chapter 10: Progressive Revelation to Ultimate Destination

Chapter 11: The Third and Final Reformation: Thy Kingdom Come

Chapter 12: Qualifications for Kingdom Participation

Chapter 13: Voice of the Lord

Chapter 14: God's New World Order Versus Man's New World Order

Chapter 15: Transition to the New Christian Era

Chapter 16: Prophetic Scriptures Yet to Be Fulfilled

Chapter 17: The Third Unveiling of the Present and End-time Events


There are certain books that define an age in the Church. Few people are capable of cognitively assembling the information that is necessary to define an age. Dr. Bill Hamon is one of those who not only understands the Church historically, but sees prophetically into the future of how God's assembled saints will affect the earth. There has never been a better book written that takes you into the capsule of history to understand the last two reformation seasons of the Church, and then places you in a capsule to understand the future of the Church. Third and Final Reformation shows you the past reformations and a new era of reformation to come. This book will be the guiding textbook on how to take dominion in the future. This is a must read for anyone who wants to understand the DNA of the Lord Jesus Christ that is flowing through their blood, and how He gathers us to rule in the season to come.

Chuck D. Pierce, President, Glory of Zion International

Another outstanding book by Bishop Hamon to help us understand God's present and coming plans for the Church. In the many years that I have been equipping leaders and churches, I have found that there is one clear factor that divides the successful from those that are not. Those who understand God's plan to restore the Church are able to successfully and positively move ahead. Those who do not comprehend this usually end up protecting status quo and eventually stagnate. The progressive revelation from this book provides powerful impetus for moving ahead.

Ronald W. Sawka, Director, Christian International Asia

About the Author

Dr. Bill Hamon has been an ordained minister for 56 years. With the dual gifting of prophet and apostle, he majors on the restoration and destiny of the Church. He is founder and bishop of Christian International Apostolic Network with thousands of ministers and churches worldwide. He has authored 10 major books on the prophetic/apostolic and the Kingdom of God.