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Prophets and Personal Prophecy
Prophets and Personal Prophecy

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Author: Bill Hamon
Subtitle: God's Prophetic Voice Today
Format: Paperback
Length: 217 Pages
Published: 1987

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There are more examples of personal prophecy in Scripture than any other biblical subject.
Prophets and Personal Prophecy, God’s Prophetic Voice Today, makes incredible strides towards restoring personal prophecy to the Church and is the only book of its kind.  Topics include:
  • Putting personal prophecy in proper perspective
  • The nature of personal prophecy
  • Decisions for marriage, business, and geographic moves
  • Guidelines for handling personal prophecy
  • God’s purposes for prophets

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Oral Roberts
Chapter 1: God Wants to Communicate
Chapter 2: God’s Purposes for Prophets
Chapter 3: The Nature of Prophecy: Some Definitions
Chapter 4: Divine Healing and Personal Prophecy
Chapter 5: Five Channels of Prophecy
Chapter 6: Personal Prophecies Concerning Ministries, Gifts, and Callings
Chapter 7: Putting Personal Prophecy in Perspective
Chapter 8: Personal Prophecies Concerning Romance and Marriage
Chapter 9: Discovering God’s Word, Will, and Way
Chapter 10: Business Endeavors and Financial Prosperity
Chapter 11: Prophetic Terminology
Chapter 12: Prophecies Relating to Pregnancies, Births, and Babies
Chapter 13: The Nature of Personal Prophecy
Chapter 14: Responding Properly to Persona Prophecy
Chapter 15: major Decisions and Geographical Moves
Chapter 16: Guidelines for Handling personal Prophecy
Chapter 17: Attitudes of a Proper Response to Prophecy
Chapter 18: Hindrances to the Fulfillment of Personal Prophecy
Chapter 19: Life and Death in Relation to Personal Prophecy
Chapter 20: Prophetic Conclusion and Charge


The greatest and most complete presentation on personal prophecy ever written.  Millions of Christians believe that God has communicated with them and that the Holy spirit has directed them.  The guidelines given in this book for recognizing and relating to a true word from the lord are a must for those desiring spiritual maturity.
Emanuele Cannistraci, Founder, Evangel Christian Fellowship

A thorough and balanced presentation of the office of the prophet and personal prophecy.  Dr. Hamon speaks not from theory, but as a recognized prophet with experiential knowledge of the prophetic ministry.  I heartily recommend this valuable book for study for every believer.
Ken Sumrall, Founder, Church Foundational Network

Titus 2:1 says to speak things which become the teaching that is healthy.  Specific guidelines are needed for the prophetic ministry to be healthy.  Prophets and Personal Prophecy is a valid ministry in the Church today.  A New Testament church has to have the different ascension offices and gifts of the Holy Spirit operating.  A church that never has a prophet or any of the other fivefold ministries, will always be crippled and weak.  It may be a nicely growing church but it will always be spiritually weak.  
Norvel Hayes, Founder, Norvel Hayes Ministries and New Life Bible Church

About the Author:

Dr. Bill Hamon has been functioning as a prophet for 56 years.  He has given personal prophecies to more than 50,000 individuals.  He and the 3,000 ministers in his Christian International Network have trained more than 250,000 in prophetic ministry.  Around the world Dr. Hamon is recognized as a pioneer and father in the restoration of prophets and the activation of saints into their prophetic ministry.