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Dream Interpreter
Dream Interpreter by Barbie Breathitt

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Author: Barbie Breathitt
Format: Paperback
Length: 164 Pages
Published: 2014

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There is only one right interpretation, God’s. Everything else is only shades of gray. Dream Interpreter will give you skill to correctly decipher the symbolism of your dreams. Dream Interpreter decodes symbols, types and shadows of images from a heavenly perspective in order to reveal the hidden mysteries that are contained within. Dream Interpreter will help the reader translate spiritual perceptions and happenings to accurately discern the events of the night. The gifted dream interpreter can decipher, convert and transform a concealed secret and then develop a blueprint for prosperity. You can learn to understand the evolution of vivid visions and dreams, the graphic picture language of nightmares and night terrors that come to visit and present truth about one’s life. As a wise counselor or life coach, dream interpreters fashion destiny bubbling up from the depths of the person’s soul-potential to successfully guide the dreamer.

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Chuck D. Pierce
Chapter 1: Dreams
Chapter 2: Visions of the Night
Chapter 3: Nightmares
Chapter 4: Night Terrors
Chapter 5: Sleepwalking
Chapter 6: Animals and Creatures Great and Small
Chapter 7: Body Dreams
Chapter 8: Buildings, Rooms and Structures
Chapter 9: Frequent Dream Categories
Chapter 10: Common Dreams and Dream Symbols
Chapter 11: People are Significant
Chapter 12: Puns and Word Plays
Chapter 13: Food and Nutrition Dream Symbols
Author Bio


Most of us who are true believers want to hear the voice of God when He has something to say to us. However, Barbie Breathitt, through her fascinating book Dream Interpreter, has alerted me to the fact that I might be missing some of what God has been saying because I have not been properly tuned into the wave lengths of my dreams. This persuasive book takes people like me into new realms of reality, namely how God uses our dream life to hear His voice more clearly, to be activated into new levels of service, and to fulfill His destiny for us. After you read Dream Seer you will never be the same.
C. Peter Wagner, Vice-President, Global Spheres, Inc.

Barbie Breathitt does an excellent job of linking the move of God in our lives with the dreams that He places in us. Barbie uncovers for us God’s divine revelation of who each of us have been destined to be! Your life-dreams will be unraveled and made clear, for she writes as a prophetic sage, full of wisdom gained through years of experience. Dream Interpreter will show you that your life has been created to experience God, and Barbie will show you how! Sprinkled with true life stories that will capture your attention she brings before you the power of spiritual transformation from a godly perspective. Curious about your destiny and the path God has placed you on? Then Dream Interpreter is for you! Read it and enjoy the journey!
Brian Simmons, Stairway Ministries and The Passion Translation Project

About the Author:

Barbie Breathitt is a certified prophetic dream life coach, an author, ordained minister, dedicated educator, and respected teacher of the divine supernatural manifestations of God. She is a recognized leader in dream interpretation, with healing, deliverance, signs, wonders, and miracles following. Barbie has equipped people in over 40 nations. Her prophetic gifting and deep spiritual insights have helped thousands understand God’s supernatural ways. Breath of the Spirit is based out of Texas.