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Dream Seer
Dream Seer by Barbie Breathitt

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Author: Barbie Breathitt
Subtitle: Searching for the Face of the Invisible
Format: Paperback
Length: 180 Pages
Published: 2014

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You have access to more than you can imagine! God acts from infinity to prepare us to succeed for eternity. Your destiny is designed in the language of your dreams, visions and imagination, so anything is possible when God is present. The power of imagination is one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind. God instills the ability to create a beautiful life through imagining the lives we desire. God created the soul with the power to attract the things it loves and hates, dispelling fears and aspirations according to the secret desires and thoughts it hides

However, our religious traditions and inadequate understanding of the creative power of God’s Word forms a narrow, restrictive corridor for the Holy Spirit to dwell. Hindered by a lack of knowledge, many are unaware they were created to carry the glory of God, manifesting a flow of God’s powerful presence everywhere.

Dream Seer: Seeking for the Face of the Invisible unleashes the creative realms of God in the Sons of God, by seeing His mighty acts manifested through the power of imagination. Learn how to release your faith to relate to God in His grandeur, apprehend a fresh revelation of the imagination, and discover hidden areas in the spirit realm. Embrace a new level of spiritual manifestations as never before. Dream Seer offers a panoramic view of Jesus’ beautiful, yet invisible, face to lose your imagination to dream and achieve the impossible. Find your place in His story and become the bridge that brings the possibilities of future promises and solutions in the reality of now. And fall in love with Him over and over again!!!

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Chuck D. Pierce
Chapter 1: Darkness into Light
Chapter 2: Wilderness Preparation
Chapter 3: Everyone Dreams
Chapter 4: Dream Wisdom and the Power to Solve Problems
Chapter 5: Embraced by a Living God
Chapter 6: Faith Makes Dreams Come True
Chapter 7: Faith in the Secret Place
Chapter 8: The Power of Imagination
Chapter 9: Creative Imagination
Chapter 10: Visions and Spiritual Perception
Chapter 11: Ingenious Truth
Chapter 12: Seeing Voices
Chapter 13: Communicating with Nature
Chapter 14: Time and Eternity
Chapter 15: Thoughts Produce the Person
Chapter 16: Thoughts Affect Our Health
Chapter 17: Thoughts Birth Purpose: As a Man Thinks So is He
Chapter 18: Dreams Set the Standards of the World
Chapter 19: Tranquility


I believe Barbie Breathitt’s new book, Dream Seer, will stir you to pursue the things of the spirit with a hunger to hear the voice of God through dreams and visions. She writes that dreams have the power to awaken us to our destiny. This book is a revelatory key that will certainly empower you to be led by the Spirit and to help fulfill the will of God in your life.
Adam F. Thompson, Co-Author, The Divinity Code

Barbie’s book, Dream Seer, is a typically-packed handbook filled with insights that empower the reader to better understand and participate with God in seeing their dreams become reality. In this book, she also imparts wisdom and revelation beyond mere dream interpretation to see champions raised for the Kingdom. A must-read for all hungry to see heaven on earth.
Adrian Beale, Co-Author, The Divinity Code

About the Author:

Dr. Barbie Breathitt is a certified prophetic dram life coach, an author, ordained minister, dedicated educator, and respected teacher of the divine supernatural manifestations of God. She is a recognized leader in dream interpretation, with healing, deliverance, signs, wonders, and miracles following. Barbie has equipped people in over 40 nations. Her prophetic gifting and deep spiritual insights have helped thousands understand God’s supernatural ways. Breath of the Spirit is based out of Texas.