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Scribal Realm of Dreams and Visions
Scribal Realm of Dreams and Visions by Theresa Harvard Johnson

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Author: Theresa Harvard Johnson
Subtitle: Look to See What God Will Say
Format: Paperback
Length: 152 Pages
Published: 2016

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Since the beginning of time, God has positioned His most trusted scribes as witnesses, keepers and heralds over some of the most sacred “oracles” in the governance of heaven and earth and commanded that they record them, especially those released through dreams and visions. Thought scribes have been faithful in answering the call, they have not always understood their unique experiences or the critical importance and weight of their roles and activity in the dream realm – until now.

In her book, The Scribal Realm of Dreams and Visions, Theresa Harvard Johnson brings great clarity to the scribal realm of dreams and visions – a strategically designed, apostolic atmosphere for “scribal encounters and activities” in the supernatural realm. Drawing wisdom from the life and ministry of the scribal prophet Habakkuk, a foundation is set to uncover how God an strategically position them through dreams for personal, generational and eternal impact . . . just as he positioned Habakkuk to not only grow into and live by faith, but to engrave an answer to one of the most critical questions of his time.

Table of Contents:
The Prophet Habakkuk
Habakkuk’s Scribal Connection
The Oracle
Understanding the Scribal Realm
Your Scribal Realm of Dreams and Visions
Scribes Dream Differently
Trusting the Dream Realm
God’s Heralds
The Appointed Time
Your New Day
I’m Praying for You!

About the Author:
Theresa Harvard Johnson is the founder of Voices of Christ Apostolic – Prophetic School of the Scribe where students gain in-depth understanding concerning the 21st Century ministry of the prophetic scribe as revealed through the Bible. Theresa mentors, equips and empowers scribes globally to embrace their calling.