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Doug Carr
Doug Carr has been a pastor since 1976. During a very successful ministry, he prayed a simple prayer, asking God to “give him a glimpse of hell.” Satan entered the picture by destroying Doug’s family, stealing his ministry, and crushing his hopes for the future.

After a three-year battle with Satan, God rescued Doug. The time that followed resulted in healing, getting “honest with God,” and restoration.

God was in control all along! What Satan meant for evil, God purposed for good. Since then, our Lord has personally taught Doug how to fight the devil and has called him to “set the captives free.”

Doug learned how to overcome demons in others by first dealing with them in himself. Based on the freedom he gained for himself, Doug began leading others to the same freedom in Christ. Eventually, Doug’s interest in Deliverance Ministry motivated him to earn his Masters and Doctorate Degrees at Wagner Leadership Institute, with Proficiencies in Deliverance and Intercession.

Still, the best qualification for Doug is his testimony as an overcomer. Through the years, God has taught Doug about the resurrection power in Jesus’ Name – the power is available to all of us! That is the power Doug strives to impart at every Free Indeed Seminar.

Some time ago, God called Doug to a lifelong commitment to the local and larger Church and community of Sturgis, Michigan. God also gave Doug a vision to lead other churches into ongoing deliverance and healing ministries. He is now presiding apostle at His House Church and is free to lead “Free Indeed Seminars” in other churches as doors are opened for him to do so.
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