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Choosing Kingdom
Choosing Kingdom by Douglas Carr

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Author: Doug Carr
Subtitle: Kingdom of God or Kingdom of Self?
Format: Paperback
Length: 64 Pages
Published: 2017

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Jesus sets the prototype for those who seek first the Kingdom of God in everything. Lucifer sets the prototype for the kingdom of self. In every moment and situation, we choose which kingdom we seek first!

It is far too simplistic to say Kingdom life is merely a matter of praying a little prayer to receive Christ.

There are two primary kingdoms each person must decide between: the kingdom of self and the Kingdom of God. Unfortunately, this is not a one-time choice for anyone. Jesus said anyone who wants to come after Him must take up his cross daily.

In reality, every situation calls people to choose which kingdom to follow at the moment. This choice will always directly or indirectly be modeled either after Lucifer or Jesus the Messiah.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: prototypes
Chapter 3: Personal Sovereignty
Chapter 4: Self-Promotion
Chapter 5: Grabbing the Higher Seat
Chapter 6: Exalting Self
Chapter 7: Playing God
Chapter 8: Centrality of Kingdoms
Chapter 9: Do All for the Glory
Chapter 10: Final Thoughts

About the Author:
Doug Carr is the founder of Doug Carr Freedom Ministries and Lead Pastor of His House Church in Sturgis, Michigan. Doug completed his Masters and Doctorate at Wagner Leadership Institute and he and his wife, Pamela, are a part of the International Society of Deliverance Ministers. The Carr’s ministry is focused on equipping churches and individuals in deeper levels of worship, intercession and freedom.