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Breaking Patterns of Perversity
Breaking Patterns of Perversity by Doug Carr

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Author: Doug Carr
Subtitle: Freedom from Iniquity
Format: Paperback
Length: 123 Pages
Published: 2022

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People seek quick fixes, fast food, short meetings, and immediate solutions for problems that have been generations in the making. Trying to condense what God wants to do in a person’s life through an off-the-cuff prayer is not the way it works.

Whether dealing with mental, physical, or spiritual anguish, we need to get to the root of the problem. The causative issues, past and present, must be addressed. Holy Spirit is ready to lead us in treating the cause of every malady and not just the symptoms.

Unfortunately, many prayer and healing ministries overlook iniquity, a concept clearly identified in proper translations of the Word of God. The New King James Version mentions iniquity 229 times, and iniquities 52 times. Should we not give heed to what the God of the Word speaks to His people?

Breaking Patterns of Perversity – Freedom from Iniquity shows how iniquity hinders people from receiving the health and wellness God wants them to enjoy. It gives Scriptural insight to iniquity and demonstrates how to break strongholds of iniquity and set captives free. Fourteen specific examples of iniquitous bondage are addressed, along with specific ministry for each. Final thoughts give a wrap-up on how to address all iniquitous roots.

As we address patterns of perversity at their root, John’s prayer (3 John 2) will be answered. We and those we minister to will prosper in all things and be in health, just as our souls prosper!

Table of Contents:
Author’s Preface
Chapter 1: Scriptural Insight to Iniquity
Chapter 2: Breaking Iniquitous Patterns of Lust
Chapter 3: Breaking Iniquitous Patterns of Addiction
Chapter 4: Better Understanding of Victimization
Chapter 5: Breaking Iniquitous Roots of Victimization
Chapter 6: Breaking Iniquitous Roots of Pride
Chapter 7: Breaking Generational Curses of Anger
Chapter 8: Breaking Iniquitous Patterns of Frustration
Chapter 9: Key Links of Frustration
Chapter 10: Roots of Frustration
Chapter 11: Launch Pads of Frustration
Chapter 12: Moving from Frustration to Holy Spirit Flow
Chapter 13: Breaking Iniquitous Patterns of Greed
Chapter 14: Breaking mammon’s Iniquitous Hold
Chapter 15: Ongoing Ministry to Break Iniquitous Holds
Final Thoughts

About the Author:
Douglas Carr entered full-time ministry in 1973 as a Youth for Christ director, answered the call to preach and pastor in 1976, completed a Masters and Doctorate degree at Wagner Institute in 2001, began co-pastoring His House Foursquare Church in Sturgis, Michigan in 2008 with his wife Pamela, and was ordained as an Apostle of Deliverance in January of 2017 by Apostle Barbara Yoder. With over twenty years of experience, he and Pamela minister healing and deliverance through local church and trans-local ministry.