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Breaking Curses Experiencing Healing
Breaking Curses Experiencing Healing by Tom Brown

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Author: Tom Brown
Format: Paperback
Length: 286 Pages
Published: 2011

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Many Christians wonder why they cannot overcome sins and temptations or why they experience recurring problems in their health, finances, or relationships. Breaking Curses, Experiencing Healing exposes these life-destroying schemes from unseen but powerful spiritual enemies.

Seen by millions on ABCs 20/20, MSNBC, the History Channel, and the BBC, Tom Brown shows the relationship between spiritual deliverance and healing. Learn how to receive divine protection and use the spiritual weapons that are rightfully yours so you can:

  • Identify the causes of curses
  • Take back what Satan has stolen
  • Break free from generational curses
  • Release Gods blessings and favor
  • Experience miracles in your life

Defeat the spiritual attacks in your life. Bring complete healing to yourself and others today!

Table of Contents


Part 1: Physical Diseases

Chapter 1: Sickness and the Role of Demons

Chapter 2: Generational Curses

Chapter 3: How to Break Generational Curses

Chapter 4: Redeemed from the Curses

Chapter 5: Healing in the Atonement

Part 2: Mental Diseases

Chapter 6: Healing for the Whole Man

Chapter 7: What is the Soul?

Chapter 8: The Spirit of Fear

Chapter 9: The Demon of Depression

Chapter 10: Deliverance from Demonic Depression

Chapter 11: Overcoming the Spirit of Jealousy

Chapter 12: Dealing with Anger

Chapter 13: Gods Solution for Stress

Chapter 14: What Causes Homosexuality?

Chapter 15: Gods Cure for Homosexuality

Part 3: Spiritual Diseases

Chapter 16: Can the Human Spirit Become Sick?

Chapter 17: The World of the Occult

Chapter 18: Breaking Free from the Occult

Chapter 19: The Trap of Satan

Part 4: The Evidence

Chapter 20: The Power Encounter

Chapter 21: Real Stories of Deliverance

About the Author

About the Authors

Tom Brown is best known for his deliverance ministry. He has been featured on ABCs 20/20, as wells as on programs on MSNBC and the History Channel, which featured his ministry of deliverance and highlighted his success in dealing with the spiritually oppressed. Although people view him as an exorcist, he personally shuns the title and prefers to be known as a down-to-earth pastor. He founded Word of Life Church in El Paso, Texas, with only seven members. Now its congregation numbers over 1,500 members. Tom has authored several books and is known in El Paso through his many local television appearances.