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Deliverance from Demonic Covenants and Curses
Deliverance from Demonic Covenants & Curses by James Solomon

Price: $17.99
Author: James Solomon
Format: Paperback
Length: 283 Pages
Published: 2010

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Table of Contents:
Section A: The Foundations
Chapter 1: My Testimony in the Demonic World
Chapter 2: Faulty Foundations
Chapter 3: Demonic Covenants and Possession

Section B: Ancestral Yokes
Chapter 4: Inherited Family Curses
Chapter 5: Demonic Initiations and Dedications
Chapter 6: Witchcraft and Spiritual Manipulators
Chapter 7: Demonic Dairies

Section C: Secrets of the Dark Kingdom
Chapter 8: Resurrecting Your Star
Chapter 9: Dreams and Demonic Manipulations

Section D: Believers and Satanic Attacks
Chapter 10: Why Do Some Christians Die Young
Chapter 11: Causes and Cure of Backsliding

Section E: Victory Over Unseen Forces
Chapter 12: Unseen Forces Fighting Against Us
Chapter 13: Unseen Forces Fighting for Us
Chapter 14: Pulling Down the Walls

Section F: Keys to Complete Deliverance
Chapter 15: The Process of Deliverance
Chapter 16: How to Receive Your Deliverance
Chapter 17: How to Keep Your Deliverance
Chapter 18: Power in the Blood of Jesus
Chapter 19: Biblical Curses
Chapter 20: Prayers of Preparation Before Deliverance
Chapter 21: Renouncing Declarations and Scriptures
Chapter 22: Scriptures for Deliverance
Chapter 23: Warfare Prayers for Self-Deliverance

About the Author:
Rev. James A. Solomon is the President of Jesus People’s Revival Ministries Inc., as well as the General Overseer and Senior Pastor of Jesus Family Chapel, with 28 branches in Nigeria, the United Kingdom and several other countries. The international headquarters for both ministries is based in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States of America.
Rev. Solomon is a man who is truly gifted with an extraordinary anointing on the subject of Spiritual Warfare, Healing and Deliverance. In his efforts to serve the body of Christ beyond his own ministries, he also serves as director for the West African Regional Directorate of the International Accelerated Missions (I.A.M.), a network of missionary churches based in New York.
Rev. Solomon started from very humble beginnings in his native country of Nigeria, West Africa, way back in the 1980s. With his team of ministers and due to popular demand, he has taken the revelation of Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance to massive venues such as the stadium domes in the major cities of Nigeria. He has also conducted a series of conferences and organizes quarterly Deliverance Night Services in the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, Japan and all over the United States. Many have received freedom from satanic bondage and oppression at these quarterly deliverance services. He is in high demand as a guest minister in many crusades and conferences.
He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with his family. He is married to Rev. Mrs. Florence A. James and they are blessed with 4 children.