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Redeeming Your Timeline
Redeeming Your Timeline by Troy Brewer

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Author: Troy Brewer
Subtitle: Supernatural Skillsets for Healing Past Wounds, Calming Future Anxieties, and Discovering Rest in the Now
Format: Paperback
Length: 281 Pages
Published: 2021

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Haunted by your past? Anxious about the future? The omnipotent God of the bible is not confined by the limits of time. He is not ashamed of your past or uncertain about your future. Every moment of your life is always held in the palm of His hand.

Troy Brewer – pastor of OpenDoor Church, founder of Troy Brewer Ministries, and dynamic prophetic voice – shares a revolutionary teaching on your relationship to time.

As a believer, you can invite Jesus into your personal timeline to supernaturally redeem your past and miraculously prepare your future. Because past sins have been erased, the pain of trauma, abuse, and heartbreak can be redeemed. Future fears can be put to rest, as stress, anxiety, and uncertainties are surrendered to Him.

Redeeming Your Timeline guides you through a personal encounter with Jesus to:
  • Overcome paralyzing guilt and shame.
  • Conquer the crippling fear of failure.
  • Silence the whispers of anxiety.
  • Break free from the bonds of childhood trauma.
  • Experience freedom from panic attacks.
  • Discover deep, lasting inner peace.

Discover the supernatural freedom that comes when Jesus enters your timeline!

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Robert Henderson
Section 1: What Is Time?
Chapter 1: The Hands of Time
Chapter 2: God’s Eye on Time
Chapter 3: What God Can Do with His Creation of Time
Chapter 4: Different Kinds of Time
Chapter 5: Timelines and Time Circles

Section 2: The Purpose and Function of Time
Chapter 6: The Line of Time
Chapter 7: The Day the Music Died
Chapter 8: The History of Time
Chapter 9: In Line with Time
Chapter 10: Understanding How God Can Interact with Time

Section 3: The Redeemer and the Power of Redemption
Chapter 11: The Price Has Been Paid
Chapter 12: Redeeming Time and Matter
Chapter 13: When Redemption Changes Timing and Adds Time for the Sake of Relationship
Chapter 14: Accessing the Exchange Between the Curse of Time and the Freedom of Redemption

Section 4: Redeeming the Times of Your Life
Chapter 15: When You Change It Back Then, It Changes Your Now
Chapter 16: Marking the Distance

Section 5: Being a King and a Priest of Your Time
Chapter 17: Redeeming Time
Chapter 18: My Personal Testimony of Redeeming a Time of Great Loss and Tragedy
Chapter 19: How to Redeem a Tragic Place of Loss in Your Own Life and Timeline
Chapter 20: Stewarding the Impact and Managing the Change
Chapter 21: Redeeming a Time of Great Shame into a Time of Great Honor
Chapter 22: More Places in Time to Redeem and More Testimonies of the Outcome of Redeeming Time
Chapter 23: The Practice of Past Redemption, Present Redemption, and Future Redemption
Chapter 24: Conclusion

Section 6: Scriptures for Redeeming Time

About the Author:
Troy Brewer is a tireless student of God’s Word and sold-out believer in all things prophetic. Pastor at OpenDoor Church in Burleson, Texas, Troy’s radio and television programs are broadcast worldwide. He is a global missionary known for his radical love for Jesus, unique teaching style, and his passion for serving people. Troy rescues girls and boys from sex trafficking worldwide through his ministry AnswerInternational.org.