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7 Places Jesus Shed His Blood
7 Places Jesus Shed His Blood by Larry Huch

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Author: Larry Huch
Format: Paperback + Bookmark
Length: 76 Pages
Published: 200/2004

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In one of his more important and powerful teachings, Pastor Larry Huch shows you how Jesus shed His blood not just one time, but seven different times so that you could be redeemed in every area of life!

Every believer knows that Jesus died on the cross so that our sins could be forgiven. However, most Christians have not been taught the full revelation of what Jesus accomplished through His death and resurrection.

Now in this amazing book, Pastor Larry Huch takes you on a remarkable journey through the last days of Christs life on earth. From the Garden of Gethsemane and the whipping post, to the crown of thorns, Calvary and more, you will discover the 7 places where Jesus shed His book and how each place connects you to all 7 redemptive blessings!

Understanding this revelation positions you to overcome obstacles in every area of life through the power of the blood, and it restores you to every covenant blessing starting today!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Blood of Jesus has More Power than You Know

Chapter 2: In Gethsemane, Jesus Won Back Our Willpower

Chapter 3: The Stripes on Jesus Back Won Back Our Health

Chapter 4: Jesus Crown of Thorns Won Back Our Prosperity

Chapter 5: Jesus Pierced Hands Won Back Dominion Over the Things We Touch

Chapter 6: Jesus Pierced Feet Won Back Dominion Over the Placed We Walk

Chapter 7: Jesus Pierced Heart Won Back Our Joy

Chapter 8: Jesus Bruises Won Our Deliverance from Inner Hurts and Iniquities

About the Author

For over three decades, Larry Huch and his wife Tiz, have dedicated their ministry to touching lives and saving souls. As founders of seven churches, they are now senior pastors of a dynamic, distinctly multiracial, fast-growing congregation at New Beginnings Church in Dallas, Texas. Pastor Huch is also a nationally recognized ministry leader, conference speaker, and author. His love for Israel and his teaching on the Jewish roots of the Christian faith is revolutionizing the lives of believers worldwide. New Beginnings the ministrys weekly, international television broadcast featuring Pastors Larry and Tiz, brings a message that says no matter who you are or what youve done, God can break every curse, release every blessing, and bring salvation, healing and prosperity into your life . . . Because, every life can have a new beginning.