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Spiritual Cleansing of the Bloodline
Spiritual Cleansing of the Bloodline by Jeannette Connell

Price: $16.99
Author: Jeannette Connell
Format: Paperback
Length: 250 Pages
Published: 2018

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Is your health problem a warning sign of a deeper spiritual battle? When the root causes of biological conditions are found below the surface, trying to cure physical infirmities with physical solutions only produces temporary results.

In this comprehensive resource, author Jeannette Connell provides fresh insight into the origins of this generation’s illnesses and ailments and the spiritual influences that can greatly impact your physical and emotional health. Through a biblical perspective, Connell explores the generational strongholds, spiritual oppression, and iniquities that have profound effects on your wellbeing.

Spiritual Cleansing of the Bloodline takes holistic healing to a whole new level by inspiring you to break the chains of bondage that lie within your DNA. Learn to equip yourself with the resilient armor of God to fight against the spiritual war that is waging in the form of various afflictions, from anxiety and addiction to arthritis and cancer. Discover ways in which you can eliminate the unseen sources of even the most chronic health problems, and detoxify your body, mind, and spirit by eradicating the internal sources of your pain.

Connell’s visionary approach to spiritual cleansing will empower you on your journey to health and strengthen your faith as she reveals the loving heart of God, your Father who wants you well. Find hope as you embrace God’s intended plan for your healing.

If you have Christ, you have the power to restore yourself to the wholeness for which God has destined you. Let Spiritual Cleansing be your first step to a life of vitality, abundance, and strength.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Spiritual Cleansing and Mapping
Chapter 2: Cleansing the Bloodline Iniquity
Chapter 3: The Unhealed Rejected Soul
Chapter 4: Double-mindedness and Mental Illness
Chapter 5: Cleansing Trauma and the Victim
Chapter 6: Reprobate and Whoredom Stronghold
Chapter 7: Insight into Witchcraft
Chapter 8: Cleansing of Addiction
Chapter 9: Apostasy Stronghold
Chapter 10: Dismantling Leviathan
Chapter 11: Breaking Free of Mammon
Chapter 12: Exercising Authority in Deliverance
Chapter 13: The Discerning of Spirits
Chapter 14: Weapons of Victory Over Temptation
Chapter 15: Spiritual Mapping Guidelines and Questionnaire
Chapter 16: Spiritual Cleansing Prayers
Chapter 17: Glory Story Testimonies