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Apostolic Church Arising
Apostolic Apostolic Church Arising by Chuck Pierce and Robert Heidler

Price: $12.99
Author: Chuck Pierce and Robert Heidler
Subtitle: God's People Gathering and Contending for the Glory Today
Format: Paperback
Length: 195 Pages
Published: 2015

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There is an apostolic church arising that will now go beyond any demonstration that has been known in the earth.

The Apostolic Church Arising is foundational to understand the Church, the Kingdom, the warfare ahead, and a triumphant people who will enter into God’s promises!

From generation to generation and season to season, the Lord rebuilds His Church, so His Kingdom can be better manifested in the earth. Originally, the Early Church moved in a continuous revival that reached the known world in one generation. A key element in their success was the establishment of Apostolic Centers. Today, the Church is meant to continue in this legacy and unlock a kingdom mentality in the earth that will overcome the world.

The Apostolic Church Arising traces the history of the original apostolic centers that we read of in the New Testament to the “now” of their multiplication and existence. This will help you better understand the apostolic prototype the Lord created for His Church to overcome the gates of hell. Join the Triumphant Reserve who is embracing the administration of a new apostolic church, filled with power and glory! As you read this book you will sense yourself arising with Kingdom power and authority. Become one of those who demonstrate His glory today!

Table of Contents:
Foreword by C. Peter Wagner
Part 1: Prophetic Introduction by Chuck D. Pierce
Chapter 1: Let Go of the Old – The Greater is Here
Chapter 2: From Church to Kingdom
Chapter 3: A Vision of the Triumphant Reserve Arising

Part 2: Preparing for God’s New Wine by Robert Heidler
Chapter 4: The Change that Must Come
Chapter 5: A Tale of Two Wineskins
Chapter 6: The Pastoral Model
Chapter 7: Killing the Sacred Cow
Chapter 8: The Apostolic Model
Chapter 9: The Marks of an Apostle (with Linda Heidler)
Chapter 10: Recognizing the Other Five-fold Gifts
Chapter 11: The Rise of the Saints

Part 3: Apostolic Centers Arising by Robert Heidler
Chapter 12: Making the Transition
Chapter 13: The Apostolic Center in Jerusalem
Chapter 14: Antioch: The Second Apostolic Center
Chapter 15: Ephesus: A Light in the Darkness
Chapter 16: Corinth: Reaching the Hard-Core Lost
Chapter 17: Rome: Penetrating World Structures
Chapter 18: From the Island of Iona to the 21st Century
Appendix 1: Testimonies of Transition
Appendix 2: Aligning with an Apostolic Center