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Gods Unfolding Battle Plan
Gods Unfolding Battle Plan by Chuck Pierce

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Author: Chuck Pierce
Subtitle: A Field Manual for Advancing the Kingdom of God
Format: Paperback
Length: 233 Pages
Published: 2007

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What's Ahead For the Church in the Next Seven Years?

In God's Unfolding Battle Plan, Chuck Pierce continues to empower Christians to face the exciting present (and future) for the Church that he began to lay out in The Future War of the Church. Yes, we are in the midst of a battle that will only increase in strength, but the victory has already been promised. Outlining the next seven-year period of spiritual war (2008-2015), Pierce shows how God will advance His Kingdom, causing the faithful to rise up and God's will to be done here on Earth as it is in heaven. God's Unfolding Battle Plan offers a glimpse into what's ahead as well as encouragement to triumph over the attending forces of lawlessness, hopelessness and violence. Discover what God has said to Pierce about the upcoming period and learn how to prosper through strategic intercession, worship warfare and a powerful new weapon of intercession: the four watches of the night. Remain hopeful, knowing you are a part of God's unfolding battle plan and that the best is still ahead.

Table of Contents:

    Preface: Wars Are Always Unfolding

    Introduction: The Changing Structure of War

  1. Becoming a Warrior in a Season of War
  2. The Mind War: Critical Times Require Critical Thinking
  3. The Blood War: Empowered in Soul and Spirit
  4. The Time War: Praying to Reorder Your Day
  5. The Presence and Glory War: Is Your Lamp stand Burning?
  6. The Power War: Who Are You in Agreement With?
  7. The Wealth War: Defining Your Boundaries
  8. The War of the Nations: Will the Real Ruling Nation Please Rise
  9. The Harvest War: Keep Praying and Prophesying!
  10. End Notes

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