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Working with Angels
Working with Angels by Steven Brooks

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Author: Steven Brooks
Subtitle: Flowing with God in the Supernatural
Format: Paperback
Length: 206 Pages
Published: 2007

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The ministry of angels is being restored in the Church. If you are praying for a higher level of spiritual experience, angels are waiting to welcome you to a realm that will bring you closer to your Lord. This book will lead you toward your goal with biblical truths and real-life, personal experiences.

Discover the striking similarities between angels and horses, as well as the answers to these questions:

  • Are you a war horse or a show horse?
  • Have you lost the key to victory?
  • How does God rank angels, demons, and humans?
  • What is the slipstream of Heaven?
  • Do you have a personal angel?

Working hand in hand with Gods angels, you can draw closer to Jesus and see Him build His Kingdom through you!

Table of Contents

Foreword by Wade Taylor

Chapter 1: Working with Angels

Chapter 2: Gods Heavenly Ranking Order

Chapter 3: Running with the Horses

Chapter 4: Walking Closely with God

Chapter 5: The Slipstream of Heaven

Chapter 6: Horses and Angels

Chapter 7: Are You a War Horse or a Show Horse?

Chapter 8: Angels Sent Forth

Chapter 9: The Lost Key to Victory

Chapter 10: Reflections on Prayer and Fasting

Chapter 11: Divinely Granted Visions and Dreams


Working with Angels is a book that will challenge and inspire you to go on to the next level in God. We are living in days when everything is being accelerated, season of change and new beginnings are upon us. Great opportunities are being presented to us by the Lord as He now engages His people in a way that requires absolute surrender to Him. God is leading us to a new kind of walk with Himself. Intimacy with God is the clarion call of the hour. This book paves the way for a greater understanding of the spirit realm revealing the heart of God for this hour. Walking with God and His angels in the spirit is a required mandate for those who will be a part of the next move of God in the earth. I highly recommend this book of Steven Brooks as essential reading for all those who are genuinely hungry for more of God.

Neville Johnson, Founder of Living Word Foundation Inc., Queensland, Australia

About the Author

Steven Brooks is a dynamic minister of the gospel who operates in a remarkable prophetic gift coupled with a tremendous healing anointing. His messages ignite a passion in the hearts of the hearers to desire a closer relationship with God. Steven and his wife, Kelly, live in North Carolina; and have three children.