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Our Ministering Angels
Our Ministering Angels by Gwen Shaw

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Author: Gwen Shaw
Subtitle: A Bible Study on Angels
Format: Paperback
Length: 140 Pages
Published: 1986

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In these last days, God is giving His children many more glimpses behind the veil that divides the natural from the supernatural, flesh from spirit. We hear so many testimonies of angels being seen and even angelic voices being recorded as they sing praises to God.

Yes, demonic activity is increasing in these days, but God has His angels obediently doing service for Him and fighting the battle in the heavenlies.

  • Who are these heavenly beings?
  • Where did they come from?
  • What are their duties?
  • How do they help us?

These questions and more will all be answered for you in this Bible study. You will be blessed and strengthened as you study this subject out of the Word of God.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1:
Chapter 2: The Origin of Angels
Chapter 3: Ranks of Angels
Chapter 4: Washington’s Vision
Chapter 5: The Purpose of the Creation of Angels and Their Different Ministries
Chapter 6: Ministries of Angels in Regard to Christ
Chapter 7: Angels Minister to Humans
Chapter 8: Questions People Ask about Angels
Chapter 9: Interesting Angel Stories in the Old Testament
Chapter 10: Prophetic Visitations in the New Testament
Chapter 11: Angels in the Book of Revelation
Chapter 12: Angel Stories