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Water Realm
Water Realm by Uzor Ndekwu

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Author: Uzor Ndekwu
Subtitle: How to Overcome the Powers in the Water
Format: Paperback
Length: 67 Pages
Published: 2012

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Spiritually speaking, the realm of the water is deep and powerful. It is not easy to understand. However, it is the most spiritualized realm, because the Spirit of God was on the face of the water before the Heavens and the Earth were separated from the waters. Therefore, the earth and the heavens are connected to the water in their own unique ways.

In this book, Pastor Uzor Ndekwu explains why spiritual strongholds in the water are so formidable. He also explains why those under the bondage of water spirits are not easily delivered, and why the marine powers and their agents do not easily give up those under their bondage.

Thanks to Pastor Uzor Ndekwu’s experience as a deliverance minister and counsellor over the years, you will find in this book:

  • The biblical reason why the water realm is the most spiritual.
  • Why deliverance ministrations involving water spirits and marine powers can be difficult.
  • What different kind of symptoms may be the result of marine activities in your life.
  • How you can use the Word of God and persistent prayers to overcome the powers of the water.
  • How not to be re-arrested by the marine powers once you have been delivered.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The Power of command
Chapter 3: Case Studies
Chapter 4: Manifestations of Water/Marine Spirit Oppression
Chapter 5: Summary
Chapter 6: Prayer Points

About the Author:
Pastor Uzor Ndekwu is the General Overseer of Jesus Sanctuary Ministries Worldwide and a renowned deliverance minister. He is a teacher of the word of God with deep spiritual insight, a televangelist who has taken his deliverance message to many countries of Africa and Europe. His powerful ministrations are followed with signs and wonders. He has unusual prophetic insight into dreams and visions from biblical perspective. A former member of the management staff of a leading bank in Nigeria, he answered the call of God upon his life in 2001. He is married to Pastor Uzo and they have three children.