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Jezebel Yoke
Jezebel Yoke by Sandie Freed

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Author: Sandie Freed
Subtitle: Breaking Free from Bondage and Decption
Format: Paperback
Length: 205 Pages
Published: 2012

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The Jezebel spirit is one of the most cunning spirits you will ever face.

Its lies are so subtle, and whispered so softly, that you may not even be aware it is slowly binding you, yoking you to itself.

How can you tell if you are yoked with darkness? Among the most common signs that Jezebel spirit, or its allies, is at work in your life are:

  • confusion
  • dissatisfaction
  • perfectionism
  • fear
  • anxiety
  • gossip
  • legalism
  • manipulation

Respected spiritual warfare expert Sandie Freed exposes the demonic spirits attempting to control you and the tactics they will use to try to steal your spiritual birthright. She provides clarity and insight into various ways you may be deceived without even knowing it, and she offers biblical keys to breaking free.

The Jezebel spirit wants to destroy you. Its deceit and manipulations know no bounds until you press forward, bind its power, take hold of Gods truth and reclaim your divine destiny.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Bill Hamon




Chapter 1: The Jezebel Yoke of Desolation

Chapter 2: Keeping Gods Covenant in Jezebels Territory

Chapter 3: Bands, Cords and Chains

Chapter 4: Evil Yokes and Vicious Cycles

Chapter 5: The Yoke of Slavery and Generational Sins

Chapter 6: The Yoke of Idolatry

Chapter 7: The Roots of Jezebel and the Yoke of the Deceiver

Chapter 8: Mantles and Anointing

Chapter 9: The Authority of the Jehu Mantle

About the Author

Sandie Freed and her husband, Mickey, are the founder and directors of Zion Ministries. The author of eight other books, including Breaking the Threefold Demonic Cord, she is an ordained prophetess with Christian International and travels extensively, ministering deliverance and life transformation to Gods people.