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Gift of Tongues
Gift of Tongues by Robert Henderson

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Author: Robert Henderson
Subtitle: What It Is, What It Isn't and Why You Need It
Format: Paperback
Length: 201 Pages
Published: 2021

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Is the gift of tongues for today? Does God want me to have this gift? Should I ask for it?

Believers have asked these questions and many others about this greatly misunderstood – even mysterious – aspect of a powerful prayer life.

Some today say tongues are no longer relevant. Others say that tongues are just gibberish. Still others say that this gift is actually the work of the devil. Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, believers need this gift of the Holy Spirit today as much as – or more than – on the Day of Pentecost.

Offering fresh biblical insight, Robert Henderson explores the importance of tongues, a vital gift of the Holy Spirit designed to remove limits by transcending the natural realm.

In these pages, you will:
  • Gain biblical understanding of the strategic use of tongues
  • Learn how to empower your prayer life
  • Defeat discouragement, depression and disillusionment
  • Receive an impartation for this spiritual gift to become a reality in your own life
  • Enter a new realm of personal power, hope and faith in the Lord

If you have never spoken in tongues, or if you want greater comprehension of your own use of this wonderful gift, then ready yourself to operate in a blessing that the Bible declares is for every believer!

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Bishop Bill Hamon
Chapter 1: Why the Debate?
Chapter 2: The Person of the Holy Spirit
Chapter 3: The Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Chapter 4: The Filling of the Sprit
Chapter 5: New Tongues
Chapter 6: A Sign to Unbelievers
Chapter 7: A Personal Prayer Language
Chapter 8: Partnering with Our Intercessor
Chapter 9: Defeating the Three “Ds”
Chapter 10: Mysteries Unveiled
Chapter 11: Giving Thanks
Chapter 12: The Interpretation of Tongues
Chapter 13: Proper Protocol
Scripture Index

About the Author:
Robert Henderson is a global apostolic leader who operates in revelation and impartation. His teaching empowers the Body of Christ to see the hidden truths of Scripture and then apply them for breakthrough results. Robert and his wife, Mary, have six children and a growing number of grandchildren, and enjoy life in beautiful Midlothian, Texas.