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Resetting Economies from the Courts of Heaven
Resetting Economies from the Courts of Heaven by Robert Henderson

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Author: Robert Henderson
Subtitle: 5 Secrets to Overcoming Economic Crisis and Unlocking Superatural Provision
Format: Paperback
Length: 75 Pages
Published: 2020

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A crisis is a dangerous opportunity. It seems that when crisis and chaos take place in the world, one of the first things to suffer is the economy. This directly impacts you because of the connection between your personal finances and the economy!

Discover how to stand in the Courts of Heaven on behalf of your nation’s economy. This is the key to experiencing personal turnaround and supernatural increase in your own financial situation!

Robert Henderson is a bestselling author, respected apostolic leader, and internationally recognized for leading hundreds of thousands of believers into the Courts of Heaven. It’s not a prayer formula or strategy, it’s a dimension in the spirit where you partner with the Judge of All the Earth to render verdicts that release personal, and even national breakthroughs!
Discover five key prayer secrets that are meant to undo the destructive residue of crisis and release personal, cultural, and economic deliverance:
  • Build a house of prayer (it’s more than a building or physical location).
  • Present prophetic words back to God.
  • Undo words of judgment.
  • Rediscover God’s love for people.
  • Present offerings that speak in the heavenly realm.

In this easy-to-read yet powerful

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Crisis – Dangerous Opportunity
Chapter 2: Personal and Cultural Deliverance
Chapter 3: Secret #1: Building a House of Prayer
Chapter 4: Secret #2: Presenting Prophetic Words
Chapter 5: Secret #3: Undoing Words of Judgment
Chapter 6: Secret #4: God’s Love for People
Chapter 7: Secret #5: Offerings That Speak
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