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Unshaken by Jeanne Nigro

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Author: Jeanne Nigro
Subtitle: Standing Strong in Uncertain Times
Format: Paperback
Length: 188 Pages
Published: 2016

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In Unshaken, Jeanne shares powerful, relevant, and inspirational teaching that answers the critical questions we are all facing:

How do I stand strong in these uncertain, turbulent times and not be controlled by fear, stress, apathy, or frustration?

In her breakthrough approach – which uniquely integrates insightful and practical teaching on intimacy with God, freedom from strongholds, the Millennium, Millennial Temple, and the Biblical Feasts – Jeanne provides the keys that will mobilize you into fulfilling your purpose.

Unshaken will empower you to:
  • Thrive, not just survive, no matter what the circumstances!
  • Break free from barriers to intimacy with God, such as fear, stress, anger, frustration, blame, performance, and self-condemnation.
  • Align with God’s plans and purposes for these times and the world to come.
  • Increase Jesus’ reign on the earth right now – you don’t have to wait until He comes back!
  • Be ready for who Jesus will be and what you will be doing with Him when He returns!

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Paralyzed by Fear
Chapter 2: Object of His Affection
Chapter 3: Dwelling in His House
Chapter 4: Intimacy Blockers
Chapter 5: What Is God’s Next Move?
Chapter 6: Why Observe the Feasts?
Chapter 7: Action Plan

Jeanne Nigro, like myself, has been a passionate advocate for the Kingdom of God through teaching, speaking and practical life experience. In her latest offering entitled Unshaken, she attacks straight on the greatest adversaries of our daily peace and confidence with solid Biblical truth and hard hitting life experiences. But she doesn’t leave you by simply recognizing the problem, she finishes with ten solid action points to implement the antidote for the systemic problems of our culture. Her insights for the celebration of the Feasts of the Lord will also encourage you to live a Kingdom lifestyle with joy and freedom! Mature and passionate are the two words that come to mind; enjoy!
Paul Wilbur, Integrity Music Artist

I am happy to endorse Unshaken because of the enormous amount of fear that is coming at families from many different sources. Fear can operate much like the prophetic except in the opposite direction. Fear is assuming something of the unseen that has not manifested yet but its affects drive us to anxiety and confusion.
Jeanne Nigro has locked in on some principles that will help guide us in the future to not be driven with fear of the future. She will stir hope alive within you so you are not overtaken by unexpected events. She weaves personal experiences with Biblical truths to enforce your faith and build a foundation that will withstand the onslaught of days to come. I think you will learn while being inspired to move forward and break out of the paralysis of fear.
Kerry Kirkwood, Pastor of Trinity Fellowship in Tyler, TX

About the Author:
Jeanne Nigro is a seasoned teacher, speaker at conferences, churches, congregations, and retreats around the world and through her television and radio programs, Facets of the Stone. Her messages are relevant, practical and life-transforming whether she is bringing Old Testament truths to life, healing strongholds of the heart, or preparing believers for Jesus’ return. She is passionate about leading her audiences to experience greater intimacy with God, mobilizing them out of fear, stress, apathy, and frustration and into action and purpose in these uncertain times.