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My Peace-Filled Day
My Peace-Filled Day by Rick Renner

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Author: Rick Renner
Subtitle: A Sparkling Gems from the Greek Guided Devotional Journal
Format: Paperback
Length: 255 Pages
Published: 2023

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Do you feel like you’re on a merry-go-round of stress and anxiety that just won’t stop? Do you feel like the circumstances around you shout so loudly that, more than anything, you are searching for peace and calm?

Help is here! You can live in peace – fearless and free!

In this journal, renowned Bible teacher Rick Renner shares 31 teachings, expounding from his thorough knowledge of the Greek language, to help you take hold of the God-given peace that belongs to you. As you devote yourself to the scriptural truths in each devotional – and journal your answers to thought-provoking questions – the power of God will melt away the fears, anxieties, and cares of this world until His peace takes centerstage in your life.

In My Peace-Filled Day, you will discover:
  • God’s unfailing promises of peace to you.
  • Scriptural truths that will help you overcome stress and burnout.
  • How you can walk daily in liberty and freedom.

Don’t let the turmoil of this world swirl you into an emotional frenzy. As you encounter God on every page of this devotional journal, you will find yourself living the peace-filled life your loving Heavenly Father wants for you!

Table of Contents:
Day 1: Let God’s Peace Serve as an Umpire for Your Mind and Emotions!
Day 2: Relax From the Stresses of Life!
Day 3: Are You Wearing Your Killer Shoes?
Day 4: Peace That Passes Understanding
Day 5: Joy and Peace
Day 6: Make Up Your Mind to Live Fearlessly and Peacefully in These Last Days!
Day 7: Five Important Steps to Move from Fear to Faith, from Turmoil to Peace, and from Defeat to Victory!
Day 8: Grace, Mercy, and Peace
Day 9: Do Your Best to Be at Peace with Everyone
Day 10: It’s Time for You to Stop Wrestling and Start Resting!
Day 11: What to Do When Your Spirit Is Inwardly Disturbed
Day 12: Follow After Peace
Day 13: Sitting in Front of 40 Sunlamps for 8 Hours!
Day 14: Cast All Your Care on the Lord!
Day 15: Two Kinds of Strongholds
Day 16: Are Worry and Anxiety Trying to Seize or Control You?
Day 17: Possessing a Trouble-Free Heart
Day 18: How Will You Respond to Negative Situations?
Day 19: Choose to Let It Go
Day 20: Kick Back and Take a Breather Every Once in a While!
Day 21: Making Time for Prayer
Day 22: What Does It Mean to Have a ‘Sound Mind’?
Day 23: Rejuvenated by the Spirit of God!
Day 24: God’s Delivering Power is Yours!
Day 25: Have You Paid Attention to Yourself Lately?
Day 26: You Are Never Alone!
Day 27: Do Whatever Is Necessary to Keep Envy and Strife Out of Your Life!
Day 28: It’s Time for You to Lay Aside Every Unnecessary Weight
Day 29: Keep the Devil Where He Belongs – Under Your Feet!
Day 30: You Are What You Are by the Grace of God!
Day 31: The Holy Spirit of Peace Is Our Comforter
About the Author

About the Author:
Rick Renner is the author of the bestsellers Dressed To Kill and Sparkling Gems From the Greek 1 and 2, which have sold millions of copies worldwide. His understanding of the Greek language and biblical history opens up the Scriptures in a unique way that enables readers to gain wisdom and insight while learning something brand new from the Word of God. Rick is the founder and president of Renner Ministries in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and host to his TV program that is seen around the world in multiple languages.