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JourneyWise by Shane Stanford

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Author: Shane Stanford
Subtitle: Redeeming the Broken and Winding Roads We Travel
Format: Paperback
Length: 206 Pages
Published: 2023

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Our paths can be difficult and daunting if we try to journey them on our own. A common thread binds us together: the broken and winding roads we all travel.

In JourneyWise, noted pastor and author Shane Stanford offers us a different understanding of our life’s path, enabling us to reframe our journey into one that is healed and redeemed as we allow Jesus to walk with us. To be JourneyWise is to find meaning in each step along the path and be transformed by the journey as a whole.

Stanford describes this path through moving stories and hard-won wisdom as he shows us how to live out the simple yet powerful truths of Jesus’s teachings in the Beatitudes. It is through the Beatitudes, which literally mean blessings, that Jesus gives us a new definition of significance before leading us to reflect on the deeper meaning of life, our relationship with God, and the interconnections we have with others. In their simplicity and accuracy, the Beatitudes yield amazing results when practiced faithfully.

Stanford writes with honesty, poignancy, and compassion about the complexities of our daily existence. This book will stir your spirit, challenge your thinking, and touch your emotions so you can follow Jesus wholeheartedly. Here, you will find words of hope and the infinite possibilities of Christ’s simple blessings.

Table of Contents:
Part 1: Becoming JourneyWise: The Road Begins: Our Journeys Matter
Chapter 1: Discovery in a Familiar Place

Part 2: Eight Blessings: The Beatitudes of Jesus
Chapter 2: The First Blessing: Having Nothing, Possessing Everything
Chapter 3: The Second Blessing: Joy Learned Only from Sorrow
Chapter 4: The Third Blessing: The Balanced Life
Chapter 5: The Fourth Blessing: The Heart That Craves God
Chapter 6: The Fifth Blessing: Doing Life Together
Chapter 7: The Sixth Blessing: Seeing Only What We Are Able to See
Chapter 8: The Seventh Blessing: Producing Right Relationships
Chapter 9: The Eighth Blessing: The Tension of Choice: Rediscovering the Values of Jesus

Part 3: The Journey is Worth It
Chapter 10: Are You Prepared for a Blessing?
The Road Continues: Beatitudes Study Guide

About the Author:
Dr. Shane Stanford is President and CEO of The Moore-West Center for Applied Theology and JourneyWise. Stanford served as a pstor and church planter for more than thirty years and is the author of several books.