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Understanding What The Blood of Jesus Means to the Father
Understanding What The Blood of Jesus Means to the Father by Nancy Oslyn

Price: $19.95
Author: Nancy Oslyn
Subtitle: Learning to Walk in Heavenly Realms
Format: Paperback
Length: 387 Pages
Published: 2007

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Did you know:

  • That God has a specific agenda for your life?
  • That His agenda for you is wonderful beyond your wildest dream?
  • That you truly are a supernatural being operating in a natural world?
  • That the only time you can affect the earth is when you are on it?
  • That heaven is not way off somewhere?
  • That every tool you will ever need to walk out your calling is available to you now?
  • That now is part of eternity?

If you have answered yes to the above questions, this book is for you!

Table of Contents


About Nancy Oslyn



Note from the Author

Part 1: The Church Doesnt Even Half Know What the Shed Blood of Jesus Means to the Father (Prophecy, 1983)

Chapter 1: How Does the Father View the Blood of Jesus?

Chapter 2: The Precious Blood

Chapter 3: I Have Done It! (Vision, 2000)

Chapter 4: A Key to Answered Prayer

Chapter 5: One Authority

Chapter 6: Protection in Perilous Times

Chapter 7: Jesus: The Firstborn, Twice-Born

Chapter 8: The Word Who Became Flesh: The Pre-Incarnate Creator

Chapter 9: God Refused to Abandon His Family

Chapter 10: The Signature of Christ

Pause and Ponder: The Father Revealed Himself As Love

Part 2: The Blood/Holy Spirit Connection

Chapter 11: A Personal Testimony

Chapter 12: The Mystery Hidden in the Blood

Chapter 13: The Mingling of the Blood and the Water

Chapter 14: God and Man: The Mystical Union

Chapter 15: The Voice of the Blood

Chapter 16: The Holy Spirit Speaks on Earth What the Blood Speaks from Heaven

Chapter 17: The Power in the Speaking Blood in Connection with the Holy Spirit

Chapter 18: Is the Baptism in the Holy Spirit for Every Believer? Jesus Thought So!

Chapter 19: What If I Dont Speak in Tongues?

Chapter 20: The Work of the Holy Spirit Within

Chapter 21: Listening to the Resident Revelator

Chapter 22: Co-Operating with the Resident Revelator

Chapter 23: Co-Creating with the Resident Revelator

Chapter 24: Activating the Power

Chapter 25: Accessing Our Divine Assignments

Chapter 26: The Spirit of Man

Chapter 27: Creative Miracles

Pause and Ponder: Review of the Master Plan

Chapter 28: The Continuum

Part 3: Accepting the Challenge: Learning to Walk the Earth in Heavenly Realms

Chapter 29: The Challenge

Chapter 30: We Are Heavenly Creatures Walking the Earth

Chapter 31: The Call to Heavenly Realms

Pause and Ponder: The Completed Work

Chapter 32: Living Positionally and Consciously in the Completed Work

Chapter 33: Jesus Gave All He Had

Chapter 34: Righteousness: The Unmerited Gift

Chapter 35: Jesus Walk, Our Walk: Should There Be a Gap?

Chapter 36: The Fathers Plea: . . . as in heaven, so on earth

Chapter 37: The Privilege of Making The Trade

Pause and Ponder: All who Are Willing

Chapter 38: Hearkening to the Cry of the Fathers Heart

Chapter 39: Living at the Throne

Pause and Ponder: Heaven Is a Geographical Realm

Chapter 40: The Servants Heart

Chapter 41: To Whom Do We Minister?

Pause and Ponder: A Personal Prayer

Chapter 42: Accessing the Throne Room

Chapter 43: Intimate Worship: Staying the Course

Pause and Ponder: Giving Him What He Needs

Chapter 44: The Proper Spelling of C-R-O-S-S is L-O-V-E

Chapter 45: Test? Temptation? What Is the Difference?

Chapter 46: Seasons

Chapter 47: Signs, Wonders, and Miracles Right Where You Live

Chapter 48: Applying the Blood

Chapter 49: Practical Tips for Moving Ahead in Your Divine Assignments

Chapter 50: Commitment Levels: The Choice is Yours!

Chapter 51: Three Levels of Commitment

Chapter 52: The Hour Has Come!

Prayer for Salvation

Prayer for the Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Part 4: The Blood Covenant Study Guides

Blood Covenant 1: The Promise: Jesus Christ in Type and Shadow

Session 1: Introduction, General Characteristics of Blood Covenant, Contemporary Institutions, Customs and Expressions Based on Blood Covenant

Session 2: Generation, Degeneration, and Regeneration

Session 3: The Abrahamic Covenant

Session 4: The Abrahamic Covenant (Continued)

Session 5: The Passover, The Exodus, The Law

Session 6: The Furnishings of the Tabernacle As Prototypes

Session 7: The Offerings, Levitical Classifications, The High Priest, Types Seen in the Day of Atonement

Blood Covenant 2: The Fulfillment: Jesus Christ in Manifestation

Session 1: Jesus, Our Passover

Session 2: The Crucifixion

Session 3: The Reality of Jesus Precious Blood

Session 4: The Blood of Jesus is Alive, the Significance of the Indwelling Christ, the Covenants: Old and New

Session 5: Not Included/Explanation

Session 6: Not Included/Explanation

Session 7: Old Covenant/New Covenant, Living a Sanctified Life

About the Author

Nancy Oslyn was born again at a Kathryn Kuhlman meeting on November 5, 1972, and baptized in the Holy Spirit on February 5, 1973. Following graduation from Rhema Bible Training Center in 1978, she entered full-time ministry, functioning in the Body as a teacher, a worship leader, a pastor, and as the dean of a Bible school. Her teaching tapes have been widely circulated both in the U.S. and abroad. Nancy Oslyn is Founder and President of Life/Blood Ministries. In addition, in February, 2004, she opened Life/Blood Ministries Teaching and Healing Center, where she currently teaches. Healings and miracles have manifested in this ministry from the outset. To God be all the glory!