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Transfigured by Charlie Shamp

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Author: Charlie Shamp
Subtitle: From Darkness to Light
Format: Paperback
Length: 198 Pages
Published: 2020

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Many Christians are crawling through lives completely beat up by the enemy and although they have been translated out of darkness into light, the enemy has convinced them that in salvation, nothing has changed. Their circumstances in life have crippled them from moving forward with their eternal calling and internal strife of battling the old into the new has left them powerless to work the works of God.

As Christ-like ones, we have been called to live a transcended life, to live from above and not from beneath, to manifest light in the midst of darkness. The Lord is pouring out His Spirit across the world and raising up those who are willing to walk in the realms of glory without fear. History reveals to us believers that moved supernaturally across time, space, and multi-dimensions to change their generation. They transverse the Earth and the heavens for the purposes of God. They pioneered the unseen to give us a glimpse of what it looks like to walk in God. From Enoch to Paul, we have many examples of saints that transcended what is seen as normal, they lived in the realm where the impossible become possible. They were those that show us our heritage and our inheritance as believers in Christ. They rose out of the limitations of their earthly genealogy to engage a heavenly genealogy in Christ. It is the Lord’s intention for spiritual manifestations to become the normal Christian experience for all. Be challenged, as you read this book, to the very core of your being as the Lord takes you on a spiritual journey to his throne and some of the most beautiful places in the spirit.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Extracting the Invisible
Chapter 2: Knowledge of Glory
Chapter 3: Panegyris
Chapter 4: Translation
Chapter 5: Trans-Relocation
Chapter 6: Bilocation
Chapter 7: Genetic Transfiguration, Part One
Chapter 8: Genetic Transfiguration, Part Two
Chapter 9: Transfiguration
Meet the Author
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About the Author:
Charlie Shamp is the co-founder and president of Destiny Encounters International. He is a sought-after international keynote speaker. He has been commissioned by Heaven as a prophet to bring healing and revival in the nations. He has ministered both nationally and internationally with radical demonstrations of faith seeing lives transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit. He resides in Moravian Falls, North Carolina with his wife, Brynn, and their three children.