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Supernatural Christian
Supernatural Christian by Ken Wood

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Author: Ken Wood
Subtitle: Experiencing Life in the Spirit
Format: Paperback
Length: 248 Pages
Published: 2010

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The Supernatural Christian follows the authors transformation from a good Christian pastor to a great Christian healing pastor. Each of the brief and exciting 32 chapters is full of real-life experiences that shaped Pastor Ken Woods ministry and changed the lives of those he and others have brought healing to in the name of the Healer, Jesus Christ.

Numerous stories of supernatural healings are shared in great detail. Pages are full of encouragement about how you can develop a more intimate relationship with God the Father. Provided are practical principles and concepts to help you seek, find, and live a more supernaturally spiritual life. The Supernatural Christian reveals insights every Christian needs to know to operate in the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit.

The heart-warming stories and insights will build a renewed passion and zeal in the hungry believer to share the Gospel, and fill him or her with the knowledge and confidence to do so with signs and wonders following.

Best of all, The Supernatural Christian challenges you to take the steps of faith necessary to draw closer to God, be empowered, and boldly operate in the gifts of the Spirit.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: A Cry of Desperation

Chapter 2: Revival Begins

Chapter 3: Learn and Do

Chapter 4: More Miracles

Chapter 5: Earnestly Desire the Spiritual Gifts

Chapter 6: Let Jesus Be Jesus

Chapter 7: Thy Kingdom Come

Chapter 8: Impartation of the Anointing to Heal

Chapter 9: A New Dimension of Worship

Chapter 10: More to Healing Than Meets the Eye

Chapter 11: A Deepening Compassion

Chapter 12: Ministering Healing to the Sick

Chapter 13: Incorporating Other Gifts

Chapter 14: Can All Receive the Gifts?

Chapter 15: The Devils Counterfeits

Chapter 16: Stand in the Glory

Chapter 17 :Using Authority Authoritatively

Chapter 18: Overcoming Lulls

Chapter 19: Dreams and Visions

Chapter 20: With Healing in Their Wings

Chapter 21: Discernment and Deliverance

Chapter 22: Speaking in Tongues

Chapter 23: Holy Hunger

Chapter 24: The Righteous Will Live by Faith

Chapter 25: The One-on-One

Chapter 26: Building Up Your Faith

Chapter 27: Jesus, Image of God and Man

Chapter 28: Groanings of the Spirit

Chapter 29: The Ministry Time

Chapter 30: The Anointing

Chapter 31: Good and Dangerous

Chapter 32: Distant Thunder of a Coming Revival

Special Acknowledgements


Pastor Ken Wood takes us on an adventure in God an encouragement to go after and receive all that God has provided. This book makes it clear that God wants to use everyone, no one is disqualified and God is faithful to respond to those who earnestly desire spiritual gifts to advance the Kingdom of God.

Kathie Walters, Good News Ministries

This is a much-needed book in these times of social and cultural conflicts and clashes. The need for power to impact the contemporary world with the culture of the Kingdom of God is imperative. This work is a great asset to equipping the believer to manifest the power of God as a testimony of the presence of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Dr. Myles E. Munroe, President/Senior Pastor, Bahamas Faith Ministries International

About the Author

Ken Wood is the founder and senior pastor of Revolution Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He is the author of In Search of Purpose, and has written many worship songs for the Body of Christ. He and his wife, Missy, have two children, Grant and Brooklyn.