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Spirit Wind
Spirit Wind by Dale Fife

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Author: Dale Fife
Subtitle: Book 3: The Ultimate Adventure
Format: Paperback
Length: 198 Pages
Published: 2006

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Spirit Wind will take you beyond mere Christianity, beyond religious routine and empty performance to a realm in the spirit that will refresh you and renew your hunger for more of God. Are you tired of spiritual mediocrity? Do you desire greater clarity of purpose? Then let Spirit Wind revitalize your zeal for God and His Kingdom. Move pat your fears. Transcend perfunctory Christianity. Be ignited with blazing passion for Jesus. Spirit Wind will take you beyond the status quo to a place of deeper intimacy with the Father than you could have imagined.

Building on the revelation of The Secret Place and The Hidden Kingdom by renowned author, Dr. Dale Fife, Spirit Wind will take you on a journey that goes beyond human imagination and challenges the normal sense f reality and understanding. Prepare yourself for the unexpected! Dare to journey to a spiritual frontier where you will discover life-changing insights and astounding revelation. But be warned, this frontier is not what it seems to be. It is not for the timid or weak.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Mark Chironna


Chapter 1: The Prophetic Scribe

Chapter 2: Deeper in the Well

Chapter 3: Frontier Town

Chapter 4: Main Street

Chapter 5: Spirit Wind

Chapter 6: The Construction Site

Chapter 7: A Work in Progress

Chapter 8: Home, Sweet Home

Chapter 9: The Doorway to Destiny

Chapter 10: Kingdom Creations

Chapter 11: The Potters Hands

Chapter 12: Koinonia Cafe

Chapter 13: Universe-City

Chapter 14: The Bunkhouse

Chapter 15: Overcoming Your Fears

Chapter 16: The Generals Store

Chapter 17: The Post Office

Chapter 18: End-Time Warriors

Chapter 19: Traveling Light

Chapter 20: The Saloon

Chapter 21: Compassion on Main Street

Chapter 22: Forming the Posse

Chapter 23: Get Ye Up!




This book communicates on two levels. At the obvious level it imparts understanding into how God equips and prepares His end-time warriors. But dont stop there. As you join the author on his spiritual journey, your heart will be apprehended with longing to find Spirit Wind yourself and launch out on your own pilgrimage into the heart of God. Its time that we be awakened to the exhilarating potential of the secret place the launch pad from which we discover all that the Spirit of truth would give us.

Bob Sorge, Speaker, teacher and author

Spirit Wind is a launch venue for the heart of man to explore what could legitimately be called the realm of the spirit. As I read this book, I was reminded that we are simply sojourners in this life and there really is a place of commanded blessing, where we are drawn into the presence of the Lord for great edification. Dr. Dale Fife invites us to take this journey and to realize that there really is a Kingdom that is beyond our mortal thinking. Prepare your heart for one of the most outstanding journeys of your lifetime. Like St. Pauls third heaven experience, you will be catapulted into places not seen by flesh and blood, but through the spiritual eyes only. Jesus is glorified and the soul is settled as we travel through time and space, coming into the beauty of His presence. Dr. Fife once again invites us into the privacy of his own secret place journal and encourages all of us who desire more of the Lord to behold Gods glory. Just as the Apostle John invited us to hear, see, handle and otherwise know the manifestation of Jesus Christ, Dale encourages us to engage in this adventure, that our joy may be full.

If you are a lover of the works of John Bunyan and C.S. Lewis, you will want to fill your coffee mug, take a seat in a place where you cannot be interrupted and enjoy the ride found in what is potentially the next classic book from one of the great prophetic writers of our time. I wholeheartedly endorse this book and unreservedly recommend this journey to you!

Dr. Dale Haight, Senior Pastor, Praise Fellowship, Russel, Pennsylvania

About the Author

Dr. Dale Fife is a gifted pastor, author, teacher, and musician, with an insatiable passion for intimacy with God. His zeal for the Lord has led him on an incredible journey from his first pastorate of a small rural church in a coal-mining town outside of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, to the cofounding of a large multiracial, inner-city church in Pittsburgh. After five decades of ministry experience and increasing requests from others for mentoring and ministry relationships, Dale and his wife Eunice, founded Mountain Top Global Ministries, a network of pastors, ministries, businesses, and leaders with local, regional, and international impact.

Dale and Eunice have two sons and six grandchildren. They now live in Florida where he serves as the apostolic pastor of SonPointe Church, a growing congregation in Bradenton.