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Final Quest Trilogy
Final Quest Trilogy by Rick Joyner

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Author: Rick Joyner
Subtitle: The Final Quest, The Call, and the Torch and the Sword
Format: Hardcover
Length: 459 Pages
Published: 2016

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What if a single revelation could change your destiny in a moment? In this riveting bestselling series, author Rick Joyner takes you on the supernatural journey that has captivated millions. More real than an allegory, The Final Quest Trilogy is a panoramic vision of the epic struggle between light and darkness and your part in it.

As the series unfolds, you can join in the great battle, encounter angels and demons, apostles and prophets, and the heavenly realm itself. This Trilogy is about the greatest adventure, to serve the greatest King and to stand for His truth with courage. This is not for the timid, but for the bold who care.

Table of Contents:
Introduction to the New Edition
The Final Quest
Chapter 1: The Hordes of Hell Are Marching
Chapter 2: The Holy Mountain
Chapter 3: The Return of the Eagles
Chapter 4: The White Throne
Chapter 5: The Overcomers

The Call
Chapter 1: The Glory
Chapter 2: Two Witnesses
Chapter 3: The Path of Life
Chapter 4: Truth and Life
Chapter 5: The Door
Chapter 6: The Prison
Chapter 7: The Young Apostle
Chapter 8: The Light
Chapter 9: Freedom
Chapter 10: The Army
Chapter 11: The City
Chapter 12: Words of Life
Chapter 13: The Manna
Chapter 14: The Call
Chapter 15: Worship in Spirit
Chapter 16: The Sin

The Torch and the Sword
Chapter 1: The Torch
Chapter 2: The Messenger
Chapter 3: The Horse and the Girl
Chapter 4: The Plan
Chapter 5: The Sword
Chapter 6: The Power
Chapter 7: The Queen
Chapter 8: The Tree and Its Fruit
Chapter 9: The Warriors
Chapter 10: The Strategy
Chapter 11: The Battle
Chapter 12: The Covering
Chapter 13: The Council is Called
Chapter 14: The Battle Begins

About the Author:
Rick Joyner has authored more than fifty books, including The Final Quest Trilogy, There Were Two Trees in the Garden, The Path, and Army of the Dawn. He is also the Founder and Executive Director of MorningStar Ministries, a multi-faceted mission organization which includes Heritage International Ministries, MorningStar University, MorningStar Fellowship of Churches and Ministries, and CMM/MorningStar Missions – an umbrella organization serving over five hundred missionaries in the field and over ten thousand churches, schools, and ministries around the world.