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Sonship the Mantle The Journey the Double Portion by Joshua Gay

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Author: Joshua Gay
Subtitle: The Mantle The Journey the Double Portion
Format: Paperback
Length: 158 Pages
Published: 2014

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In Sonship: The Mantle. The Journey. The Double Portion. Joshua Gay guides readers on a pilgrimage for biblical sonship. Discover the life of a true son through study of the Scripture and powerful testimonies. The author shines the light on many pitfalls that ensnare today’s generation while revealing the true picture of faithful spiritual sons and daughters. This journey reveals the principles and praxis of sonship that this generation desperately needs in order to release an empowerment to be world-changers. Are you a true biblical spiritual son or daughter? The change begins with one and from there a new generation is ignited to transmit an epidemic of holiness and power to reach the world for Jesus Christ. Be the change.

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Bishop Bill Hamon
Chapter 1: Fathers, Young Men, and Little Children
Chapter 2: Honor and Obedience
Chapter 3: The Mantle: A Call to Sonship
Chapter 4: The Seed Life
Chapter 5: Overcoming Pride
Chapter 6: Follow the Trail
Chapter 7: Unity and Synergy
Chapter 8: Receiving Identity
Chapter 9: The Journey: Gilgal
Chapter 10: The Journey: Bethel
Chapter 11: The Journey: Jericho
Chapter 12: The Double Portion: Jordan
About the Author


This is a kingdom message for the church. God’s desire is to pass revival down to each generation – from fathers to sons and from mothers to daughters. We must all heed the word of Sonship, or risk missing what God wants to do in this hour. The principles that Joshua Gay outlines in each chapter will transform your life.
Karen Wheaton, Founder and Senior Leader, The Ramp

Sonship is a scripturally rich, personally inspiring and powerfully motivating book. The principles that Joshua Gay outlines in this book create a practical pathway towards receiving the double portion anointing that makes generational continuity possible.
Pastor Jane Hamon, Vision Church, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

About the Author:

Joshua Gay serves as Executive Pastor of High Praise Worship Center in Panama City, Florida. Joshua began serving in ministry at a young age and has dedicated his life to promoting and propagating the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Joshua’s zeal for the Word and his passion for the presence of God have touched the hearts of those both young and old. His teachings are illuminating and revelatory bringing encouragement to all who hear them. Joshua and his wife, Miranda, have two children, Josiah and Hannalee.