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Prophetic Worship Revised and Expanded
Prophetic Worship Revised and Expanded by Vivian Hibbert

Price: $16.99
Author: Vivien Hibbert
Format: Paperback
Length: 303 Pages
Published: 1999, 2019

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God’s Spirit is pouring out today in a new wave of worship. All generations and denominations are being summoned to go deeper in worship. The sounds of heaven are resounding through our young people and through worship artists who make a way for everyone to access the manifest presence of God. He has a plan and purpose for every worship service – a plan that leads us to His courts and to His face.

Prophetic worship provides a clear guide for those who wish to encounter God in fresh and profound ways that will transform hearts, revive churches, and awaken communities.

Table of Contents:




Part One: An Introduction to Prophetic Worship

Chapter 1: What is Prophetic Worship?

Chapter 2: What is the Difference between Praise and Worship?

Chapter 3: The Foundation of Worship

Chapter 4: Understanding the Ancient Words for Praise and Worship

Part Two: The Scriptural Pattern for Prophetic Worship - 2 Cor. 3:18

Chapter 5: Worship is for Everyone

Chapter 6: Worship is the Place for Transparency

Chapter 7: Worship is Prophetic

Chapter 8: Worship is Transcendent

Chapter 9: Worship is Transforming

Chapter 10: Worship is Eternal

Chapter 11: Worship is Initiated by the Holy Spirit

Part Three: Prophetic Worship – A New Exemplar

Chapter 12: An Introduction to Breaking Worship Traditions

Chapter 13: Redefining Praise and Worship

Chapter 14: The Control of the Service

Chapter 15: The Priesthood of All Believers

Chapter 16: Time Limits of the Worship Service

Chapter 17: The Emphasis and Priority of Worship

Chapter 18: Transcending Denominational Barriers in Worship

Chapter 19: The Impact of Culture on Worship

Chapter 20: Music and Art in Worship

Chapter 21: Recognizing the Prophetic Sound in Worship

Chapter 22: The Maturity of Worshippers

Chapter 23: Individual Experience vs. a Corporate Journey

Chapter 24: Hearing the Voice of God in Worship

Chapter 25: Conclusion



About the Author:

Vivien Hibbert has passionately taught principles of prophetic worship to churches around the world for over forty years. She is a teacher, musician, and author. Vivien is an instructor for the online School of Worship and School of Prophetic Worship Teams: Eagles International Training Institute, Dallas. She lives in Texarkana, AR.