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Seven Mountain Mantle
Seven Mountain Mantle by Johnny Enlow

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Author: Johnny Enlow
Subtitle: Receiving the Joseph Anointing to Reform Nations
Format: Paperback
Length: 142 Pages
Published: 2009

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Table of Contents



Part 1: Becoming a Joseph

Chapter 1: The Joseph Years Begin

Chapter 2: Israel Loved Joseph More Than All of His Sons

Chapter 3: The Rachel Church and the Leah Church

Chapter 4: Dreaming the Fathers Dreams for Society

Chapter 5: Hated by Leahs Sons

Chapter 6: Thrust into the Marketplace

Chapter 7: Up the mountain into Potiphars House

Chapter 8: The Potiphars Wife Test

Chapter 9: The Disguised Promotion of Pharaohs Prison

Chapter 10: The Fulfillment of Dreams

Part 2: What It Looks Like Today

Chapter 11: Seven Years of Plenty

Chapter 12: Joseph on the Mountain of Government

Chapter 13: Joseph on the Mountain of Education

Chapter 14: Joseph on the Mountain of Media

Chapter 15: Joseph on the Mountain of Economy

Chapter 16: Joseph on the Mountain of Family

Chapter 17: Joseph on the Mountain of Celebration

Chapter 18: Joseph on the Mountain of Religion

Chapter 19: And All Nations Came to Joseph

Chapter 20: 2015 and Beyond

Appendix: The Seven Mountain Prophecy


The Seven Mountain Mantle takes its place as a core textbook for those of us who are focused on reforming our society. Johnny Enlow refuses to be bound by tired, old-wineskin stereotypes embedded in each mountain.

C. Peter Wagner, Chancellor, Wagner Leadership Institute

It is one thing to know the importance of influencing society on every level and another to know how to do it Gods way. Johnny Enlow once again shares insight we all need.

Che Ahn, Senior Pastor, Harvest Rock Church

About the Author

Johnny Enlow, international speaker and author of The Seven Mountain Prophecy, is the co-senior pastor of Daystar Church in Atlanta, Georgia, along with his wife, Elizabeth. He has a mandate to challenge and equip the church to influence all areas of society with the supernatural love and power of God. Johnnys passion is two-fold: presence and purpose that the church would learn to prioritize Gods presence in our midst over pleasing man and that out of the overflow of knowing Him, we would find our purpose as a generation in manifesting His kingdom on Earth as it is in heaven.