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42 Financial Independence Laws for Christians
42 Financial Independence Laws for Christians by Ola Abina

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Author: Ola Abina
Subtitle: What Jesus Taught Me on Becoming Rich During Covid-19 and Beyond
Format: Paperback
Length: 195 Pages
Published: 2020

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Many Christians have given their tithes and sow seeds of faith with no commensurate results. They have named it and claimed it but only gotten poorer. If you are like many Christians, you need money, but you are deep in debts and lack money. In this book, I have put down practical steps that Jesus personally taught me for Christians to become rich. I also included resources within your reach that would enable you to take action immediately.

Learn how to position yourself to:
  • Create wealth during the pandemic and beyond
  • Use financial principles to become rich
  • Live a debt-free life
  • Know the next trendy products before they happen

Table of Contents:
Part 1: Fundamental Laws
Law of Change
Law of the Rich Becoming Richer and the Poor Poorer
Law of Hard Work
Law of Great Risks for Great Rewards
Law of Budgeting
Law of Withholding
Law of Receiving
Law of Mentorship

Part 2: Mindset Laws
Law of Meditation
Law of Adaptation
Law of Delayed Gratification
Law of Paying for Value
Law of Exceptions

Part 3: Stewardship Laws
Law of God First
Law of Tithing the First Part of Income
Law of Giving to Your Parents
Law of Giving to Servants of God
Law of Sacrificial Giving
Law of Giving to the Poor, Orphans, Less Privileged and as Inspired
Law of Preemptive Giving
Law of Faithfulness Over Little

Part 4: Business Laws
Law of Building a Business First
Law of Prime Mover
Law of Excellence
Law of Service
Law of Selling

Part 5: Partnership Laws
Law of Betting on Yourself
Law of Divine Helpers
Law of Right Association
Law of Identifying the Covenant Person

Part 6: Investment Laws
Law of Seed to the Sower and Bread to the Eater
Law of Investing in Yourself
Law of Leveraging the Power of Little
Law of Resistance
Law of Persistence and Dealing with Failure
Law of Humility and Ground Zero
Law of Lonely Road

Part 7: Income Creating Laws
Law of Multiple Streams of Income
Law of Monetizing Your Skills and Hobbies
Law of Earning While Sleeping
Law of Creating Value
Law of Embracing Technology
About the Author

About the Author:
Ola Abina is the host of Jesus is Too Real, a live program on Facebook and Instagram that uses the name and the principles of Jesus to solve contemporary problems. He is a kingdom financier whose business, career and investment experience spans IT, Oil and gas, billboard advertising, real estate, fine art, ecommerce, IPO, equities, cryptocurrency, publishing, etc. Because of his passionate pursuit of Jesus, the Lord has visited him several times with uncommon prophetic accuracy, giving him instructions and revealing to him things past, present and future. Consequently, his life’s pursuit is to bring 1,000,000 individuals every year into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.