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Revolution the Story of the Early Church
Revolution the Story of the Early Church by Gene Edwards

Price: $12.95
Author: Gene Edwards
Subtitle: The First Seventeen Years(30-47AD)
Format: Paperback
Length: 216 Pages
Published: 1974

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A rip roaring, hair-raising, edge-of-your-chair saga of the first century believers. From the day of Pentecost on, through the first seventeen years, every historical figure of that age is there; alive, vivid, believable.

The book of Acts is there; ancient history is there; men secular and sacred come alive! An historical cliff-hanger written like a novel.

There is not another book on the first century like it in print. The story of the Early Church, the Word of God in Century One is once more alive, down to earth, and thrilling. A new dimension in first century history.

Table of Contents


Part 1: Jerusalem

Chapter 1: Two Months Before

Chapter 2: Sunday, 5 a.m. 8 a.m.

Chapter 3: Sunday, 8 a.m.

Chapter 4: Getting Ready for Monday

Chapter 5: Monday

Chapter 6: A Day in the Life of the Church

Chapter 7: Church Life in Modern Dress

Chapter 8: The First Four Years

Chapter 9: The First Trouble

Chapter 10: Seven Men

Chapter 11: Titans Two

Chapter 12: The Debate

Chapter 13: Seventy-One Men on Trial

Chapter 14: Elegy in Tears

Chapter 15: Holocaust

Part 2: Judea

Chapter 16: 100 New Churches

Chapter 17: The Second Stephen

Chapter 18: Church Life, Judean-Style

Chapter 19: The Jerusalem Church Reborn

Chapter 20: The Unlikeliest Convert

Chapter 21: Look Who Came to Dinner

Part 3: Antioch

Chapter 22: Gentiles Unlimited

Chapter 23: The Second Work of God Begins

Chapter 24: Needed: One Co-Worker

Chapter 25: Tentmakers Two

Chapter 26: Famine, Death and Triumph

Chapter 27: Gentile Church Life

Chapter 28: Apostles Number Fourteen and Fifteen